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A few summers ago when I was in Crete, I would go to the manavi every day and get fresh peaches and eat them daily :) Nothing more relaxing than fresh fruit and nature all around

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This is one of my favorite things about Crete - that the food is so fresh you can pick them right off the tree and eat them! Our taxi driver made a stop to his favorite fig tree, climbed the tree, and gave us all figs to eat as he was showing us around.

Pictures of Rethymno, Crete!

Rethymno is stunning 😍 post your pictures in this thread I would love to see them


You should visit Spinalonga island in Crete!

During the Venetian occupation of Crete, the area was commonly used to harvest salt. It was also used as a leper colony. Now, the island is a top residence for tourists, who love exploring the pebbled beaches and old fortress that once housed Greece’s lepers. Now it is the most popular archaeological site in Crete after Knossos. Pretty eerie, but totally worth checking out.


Alica Ѕchmidt, the sexiest athlete in the world is in the Greek island of Crete

German Travel Agents Tour Crete and Depart with the Best of Impressions

Dont miss out on Hersonissos, Crete!

I feel like Hersonissos is the part of Crete that is often overlooked!! Look how beautiful it is 😍 I definitely recommend adding it to your list in Crete along with Iraklio and Chania.

Share and discuss your Crete photos, questions and experiences!

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