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Enchanting Greek music in Mykonos

This music gives me life! I will never get tired of hearing the sounds of bouzouki and guitar like I used to when I was little in my grandparents village. Bravo to all of the Greeks making us proud around the country. I am so happy and blessed to be Greek, happiness and health to all of us in this New Year!

Massive "Odyssey of the Seas" Cruises in Mykonos!

Did you know that you can stay inside a windmill in Mykonos

This is one of the most unique stays that I have seen in Mykonos! I wonder how many of these hotels there are and if they get booked up pretty quickly. Has anyone stayed in one of these before? I would love to here your experience and if you recommend it or not. Thanks everyone, I look forward to seeing your comments in the thread below.

ALPHA MISSION - ΔELOS & The [Uncertain] Four Seasons - Megaron Athens Concert Hall.

Passenger locator form

I have read PLF no longer required for Greece. Does this apply for Mykonos also ?
Share and discuss your Mykonos photos, questions and experiences!

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