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Of course! I didn't expect anything different :)
I would have thought Santorini might lead the way...... but obviously not.... Happy for Mykonos as I lived there for many years!The drones are getting charged up already I see...
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I love searching up #mykonos on social media sites! I could browse for hours!
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I love searching up #mykonos on social media sites! I could browse for hours!
I have taken some great photos in Mykonos. This was before social media days, though. We are hoping to go back as a family this year. We'll see.
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I have taken some great photos in Mykonos. This was before social media days, though. We are hoping to go back as a family this year. We'll see.
Me as well, we haven't been in a long time because of covid
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#Mykonos is one of my favorite tags on Instagram. I often look for posts or Reels about Mykonos because there is a paradise on earth. Perhaps my friends are already buying tickets when I show them the views from Mykonos. I think if I go there, I'll have a lot of beautiful content for my blog. I've been actively running a travel blog for the last two years because I want to make money by monetizing videos. It's my passive income goal. I even buy subscribers on famoid.com. I'm not very good on YouTube since I don't like to make long Vlog videos. I like the short and easy path to popularity through Reels in IG.
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Good spas in Mykonos?

I'm planning a trip to Mykonos and I'm on the lookout for some amazing spa experiences. I've heard that this beautiful island has some top-notch wellness centers, but I'd love to get some personal recommendations from those who have been there.

What I'm looking for in a spa:
  • Luxurious treatments
  • Serene atmosphere
  • Professional and friendly staff
  • Great value for money
If you've had a fantastic spa experience in Mykonos, please share the name of the spa and any treatments you particularly enjoyed. I'd also appreciate any tips on the best times to visit and any must-try services.

Best photo spots in Mykonos?

I want to document my next trip to Mykonos with some great photos.

Does anyone have personal favorites or insider tips on the best spots for photography in Mykonos? I'm interested in both, the well-known attractions and those off-the-beaten-path locations that offer unique perspectives of the island's charm.

Also, if there are specific times of day that bring out the magic of these places (think golden hour or less crowded moments), I'd love to hear about that too!

Any tips on local etiquette regarding photography would also be greatly appreciated. I aim to be respectful of the people and the culture during my visit.

Beach Clubs in Mykonos?

I'm planning a trip to Mykonos soon and I'm on the lookout for some fantastic beach clubs to visit. I've heard that Mykonos is famous for its vibrant beach scene, and I want to make sure I experience the best it has to offer.

Can anyone recommend some great beach clubs in Mykonos? I'm particularly interested in places with:
  • Beautiful views: A club that's right on the beach with stunning ocean views.
  • Good vibes: Somewhere with a fun and lively atmosphere.
  • Quality food and drinks: A place that serves delicious food and refreshing cocktails.
  • Great music: Preferably with live DJs or good playlists to set the mood.
I'd love to hear your personal favorites and any tips you might have for making the most of the beach club experience in Mykonos. Thanks in advance!

Nightlife question about Mykonos

I have seen footage of fun-looking club atmospheres on Mykonos. I went last year and couldn't find those parties! I want to try again the next time I am in Greece, probably in September.

I’d love to find places that strike a balance between great music (preferably a mix of international and local beats), a lively but not overly crowded atmosphere, and of course, stunning settings that scream ‘Mykonos’!

Does anyone have personal favorites or hidden gems they'd be willing to share?


Advice for an extended stay in Mykonos

I plan to be on Mykonos for about a month over the summer and I honestly feel like I am a bit late to the party securing a rental for that long. I am not seeing much on airbnb.

That could change as more properties become available... I don't know.

Am I missing something? Are there other networks that people use when going to Mykonos that I maybe haven't thought of? I don't want to move mid trip but I guess I could. Like do a week here and there. It could give me a chance to see different things on the island.
Share and discuss your Mykonos photos, questions and experiences!

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