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Of course! I didn't expect anything different :)
I would have thought Santorini might lead the way...... but obviously not.... Happy for Mykonos as I lived there for many years!The drones are getting charged up already I see...
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I love searching up #mykonos on social media sites! I could browse for hours!
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I love searching up #mykonos on social media sites! I could browse for hours!
I have taken some great photos in Mykonos. This was before social media days, though. We are hoping to go back as a family this year. We'll see.
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I have taken some great photos in Mykonos. This was before social media days, though. We are hoping to go back as a family this year. We'll see.
Me as well, we haven't been in a long time because of covid
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#Mykonos is one of my favorite tags on Instagram. I often look for posts or Reels about Mykonos because there is a paradise on earth. Perhaps my friends are already buying tickets when I show them the views from Mykonos. I think if I go there, I'll have a lot of beautiful content for my blog. I've been actively running a travel blog for the last two years because I want to make money by monetizing videos. It's my passive income goal. I even buy subscribers on famoid.com. I'm not very good on YouTube since I don't like to make long Vlog videos. I like the short and easy path to popularity through Reels in IG.
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Mykonos Bar Taken To Court By American Tourists For Charging €600 For Two Drinks And A Meze !

Sadly nothing directly will happen to this place..... and no-one has the power to shut them down......yes they will be fined...so what?....There are countless negative reviews on Tripadvisor which I have already posted.....the way I have understood this is that they believe this is media exposure to enhance further business....I have lived and worked in Tourism Industry in various parts and I must say this is spectacularly show biz style negative PR ..... ripping off Travellers is not new in Mykonos.....I will ask my friends who are born and live there what the motives are behind this to allow this situation get out of control....

How to take an ATV tour of Mykonos

Mykonos is a pretty small island, and has beautiful winding roads that lead to small villages and stunning beaches. Personally, renting a car is very expensive and not worth the money. I really don't recommend it for Mykonos. Thus, renting an ATV is a great option and allows you to see much of the island at a pretty cheap price. Make sure that you have your drivers lisence or international drivers license though! This website gives you all of the advice that you need....

Mykonos has had its Champagne fuelled Tourism

Truthfull to the point, saturation beyond belief, this was happening 20 years ago,my friends who have a travel agency told me'Hash if you want the remember your Mykonos don't come back, keep those memories'thats how much they are fed up with their lives there when it takes 30 minutes just to get somewhere instead of 5 minutes!...It has taken me a very long time to recover missing my Mykonos for it gave me a new life which I didn't have previously..... here is our lovely home for many years which doesn't exist as there is a villa built there now!....

Mykonos scam

My Mykonos recommendations for a 3 day weekend

Mykonos is one of the most fun islands to go to!! It has some of the best beaches, nightlife and daytime activities. Here is a layout of what I would recommend for a three day trip to Mykonos :)

Day 1:
- Paralia Megali Ammos beach
- Lunch at Pelican restaurant
- Visit Windmills of Mykonos
- Super Paradise Beach Club

Day 2:
- Paralia Korfos
- Ride around the island with 4 wheelers
- Parasailing at Super Paradise Beach
- Dinner at Kastro's Restaurant

Day 3:
- Armenistis Lighthouse
- Lunch at Nautilus
- Psarrou Beach
- Monastery Of Panagia Tourliani
- Dinner at To Maereio
Share and discuss your Mykonos photos, questions and experiences!

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