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Of course! I didn't expect anything different :)
I would have thought Santorini might lead the way...... but obviously not.... Happy for Mykonos as I lived there for many years!The drones are getting charged up already I see...
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I love searching up #mykonos on social media sites! I could browse for hours!
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I love searching up #mykonos on social media sites! I could browse for hours!
I have taken some great photos in Mykonos. This was before social media days, though. We are hoping to go back as a family this year. We'll see.
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I have taken some great photos in Mykonos. This was before social media days, though. We are hoping to go back as a family this year. We'll see.
Me as well, we haven't been in a long time because of covid
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#Mykonos is one of my favorite tags on Instagram. I often look for posts or Reels about Mykonos because there is a paradise on earth. Perhaps my friends are already buying tickets when I show them the views from Mykonos. I think if I go there, I'll have a lot of beautiful content for my blog. I've been actively running a travel blog for the last two years because I want to make money by monetizing videos. It's my passive income goal. I even buy subscribers on famoid.com. I'm not very good on YouTube since I don't like to make long Vlog videos. I like the short and easy path to popularity through Reels in IG.
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A historical excursion of Mykonos!

Mykonos: http://www.thefreedictionary.com/_/archive.htm?shr=a19429uPmkx
I haven't read anywhere as accurate and superbly presented article of Mykonos as this one!......I love the bit which reads "It was, however during these times a rather poor island with limited agricultural resources "😂😂.... only now it is the most priciest rock in the world!..... costing upwards€25,000 per sq metre.....and as far as I know from a few years back....the requirements to build a house was 4000 sq metres!.....and business development over 10,000 Sq metres..... Enjoy reading this...
I used a lot of information on my Guided Island Tours of Mykonos...so the history and facts are accurate!A pleasure to post this for readers to enjoy having lived and worked in Tourism Industry for many years!❤️❤️Saga poh Mykonou mu!❤️

Did you know that Mykonos has its own historical library?

Many people wouldn't think to visit a library on their vacation, but I do suggest stopping by just to check it out. Besides being a party town, Mykonos has so many beautiful aspects of Greek culture that shouldn't be missed out on. In the library, you'll be able to see many different books outlining the history and culture of Greece. The library is a historical municipal library, meaning that their books focus on preserving the history of Greece. The address to the library is Kampani 2, Mikonos (Kampani Mansion, Ag. Kyriaki Square, 846 00, Greece

Check it out!

My Mykonos recommendations for a 3 day weekend

Mykonos is one of the most fun islands to go to!! It has some of the best beaches, nightlife and daytime activities. Here is a layout of what I would recommend for a three day trip to Mykonos :)

Day 1:
- Paralia Megali Ammos beach
- Lunch at Pelican restaurant
- Visit Windmills of Mykonos
- Super Paradise Beach Club

Day 2:
- Paralia Korfos
- Ride around the island with 4 wheelers
- Parasailing at Super Paradise Beach
- Dinner at Kastro's Restaurant

Day 3:
- Armenistis Lighthouse
- Lunch at Nautilus
- Psarrou Beach
- Monastery Of Panagia Tourliani
- Dinner at To Maereio

Mykonos scam

Should I Go to Mykonos Next Time I Visit Greece?

It's been a while since I have been to Mykonos and I am trying to figure out if I should add a few days next time I am in Greece...


I like lively beaches with nightlife


It's expensive
I don't really know anyone living on the island

I guess it looks like I need to decide if the nightlife is worth it. I mean, there's nightlife all over Greece so I am not sure it makes sense to go out of my way... What do you guys think?
Share and discuss your Mykonos photos, questions and experiences!

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