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Anyone contemplating going to Mykonos read this before you go:

We all know Mykonos is expensive but this is a scam of giant proportions.

Just read a few jaw dropping reviews....and sadly no one has the power to do anything about this..

Best Ancient Ruins to See in Mykonos?

I'm planning a trip to Mykonos and I'm particularly interested in exploring its ancient ruins. I’ve heard that the island has a rich history, and I’d love to include some historical sites in my itinerary. Could anyone recommend the best ancient ruins to visit in Mykonos? Here are a few specifics I’m hoping to learn more about:
  1. Top Ruins to Visit: Which ruins are considered must-sees on the island? Are there any that stand out due to their historical significance or state of preservation?
  2. Visitor Information: Are there any tips for visiting these sites, such as best times to go, entry fees, or guided tour options?
  3. Historical Context: I’d appreciate any background information or interesting historical facts about the ruins. Understanding the history behind the sites would make the visits even more enriching.
  4. Accessibility: Are the ruins easily accessible for travelers, or are there any challenges in reaching them (e.g., remote locations, rugged terrain)?
  5. Personal Experiences: If anyone has personal experiences or photos from their visits to these ancient ruins, I’d love to hear about them!

Visiting Ano Mera in Mykonos?

'm currently planning a trip to Mykonos and have been hearing a lot about a village called Ano Mera. From the snippets I've read online, it seems like a place rich in history with some wonderful local dining options, but I haven't been able to gather much detailed information.

I'm particularly interested in understanding the best time to visit, must-see attractions, and any dining recommendations you all might have. Additionally, if there are any local customs or cultural aspects I should be aware of before visiting, that would be incredibly helpful!

If anyone has visited Ano Mera or has insights into making the most out of a trip there, I'd genuinely appreciate your advice and suggestions. Any tips on navigating the area, hidden gems, or just general do's and don'ts would also be greatly valued.

Going to Delos from Mykonos?

Delos looks fascinating and I will be in Mykonos this summer. Is it realistic to do this as a day trip from Mykonos?

Has anyone done this before? I'd love to hear your recommendations and tips! How long is the boat ride, and are there specific tour operators you recommend?

What are the must-see spots on Delos, and how much time should I allocate to explore the island thoroughly?

I recall it's possible to take a Ferry from Mykonos to Delos but I am not sure the details. I saw a sign for it last time I was there.

Adventure activities in Mykonos

I'm planning an upcoming trip to Mykonos and I'm looking for some recommendations on adventure activities to do while I'm there. I know the island is famous for its beaches and nightlife, but I’m interested in exploring its adventurous side.

What are some must-try activities for thrill-seekers? Are there any specific water sports, hiking trails, or unique experiences you would recommend? Also, any tips on the best places or companies to book these activities with would be greatly appreciated.

I’d love to hear about your personal experiences and any advice you have for making the most of an adventurous stay in Mykonos. Thanks!

Question about Mykonos galleries

I'm planning a trip to the enchanting island of Mykonos very soon and, being an avid admirer of art, I'm eager to explore the local art scene. Mykonos, with its mesmerizing landscapes and vibrant culture, is said to host some exceptional galleries. I'm reaching out to this knowledgeable community for personal recommendations on the best galleries to visit during my stay.

I have a deep appreciation for both contemporary pieces and classical art, so any suggestions that cover a wide range of artistic expressions would be hugely appreciated. Additionally, if there are specific artists or exhibitions that you think are a must-see, I would love to hear about those as well.

Lastly, if there are any hidden gems or lesser-known galleries that you've stumbled upon and found to be utterly captivating, please do share! I'm all for discovering off-the-beaten-path spots that add a unique touch to the travel experience.
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