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Crete has the best food culture in Greece! This video captures it so well


Words that are difficult to translate from Greek to English

Φιλοξενία – Filoksenia: This is the idea of being generous and offering friendship (in a loving way) to a stranger or foreigner. This word does not exist in most other languages and is a big part of Greek Culture and expression.

Για πάρτη μου – Ya Parti Mou: Technically this phrase means “for me” and it is used to mean “treating yourself” well.

Φιλότιμο – Filotimo: This means honor and truth and friendship, and loyalty to one another.

How to dance tsifteteli (Greek bellydancing)!

I love these tutorials :) gotta start practicing for the Greek festivals next Sumer (hopefully I will be able to attend)

This is what Oxi Day is all about

Love learning about holidays like this, cheers!

What lighting a candle means at a Greek church

In Greek church, we light candles and make a prayer. Its one of my favourite traditions. Candles are usually at the front of the church and you usually add a few coins or dollars in the box besides the candles to "pay" for the candles.


Oxi day is coming up soon! How are you all celebrating?

This is one of the most historical Greek holidays that I admire so much! How is everyone celebrating? :) Happy almost Oxi day
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