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I have been researching about Greek history and culture lately. Recently, I spent some time learning about the events surrounding Greek Independence Day and thought the research was very satisfying.

I would love to repeat it! Are there any national holidays in Greece coming up that point to events in history? If so, what should I pay attention to and what should I research?


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It's not coming up but Πολυτεχνείο is one you could look into... Wikipedia translates this as "Athens Polytechnic Uprising"
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Another one you can look up is Ohi Day. Such a fascinating history!

What is dating like in Greece?

I am curious - what is dating like in Greece? The reason I ask is I have a younger cousin, college age, who is spending the whole summer in Greece.

She's been meeting Greek men over there who have been interested in her. She expressed that she is having a difficult time figuring out the right way to behave, or what to expect from the men. Any tips I can pass on to her?

Visiting People on Crete

While we are in Greece this year, we will be visiting some people that live on Crete.

They are very generous to us, and very nice people.

Basically we are there for a cruise stop this year, and they will be picking us up for dinner at their house.

We want to give them a gift. Any ideas? Is it appropriate to give a gift?

How much money to give at a Greek wedding?

I am going to be attending a wedding in Greece and am trying to gather information.

Someone in another thread I started about Greek wedding traditions said that Greeks typically give money at a wedding.

Do you know how I would figure out how much to give? What's customary?

Thanks in advance!

Spitting and the Evil Eye?

I remember my family spitting to ward off the evil eye (or something like that). I can't remember all the rules. I am trying to pass down some of the stories to the next generation but I am fuzzy on the details. I recall when my cousin was born, everyone was spitting on him? It seemed a little odd but I was just a kid and recall participating (and it was fun haha).

People were also saying something while spitting. What was it?

Kalley Mera!.... Kalllo Mina!💞💞

Hope all reading this are enjoying whichever season they are in the present!!..... Here in Thailand we go deep into the Monsoons! Greece is predicted to be even hotter than July weather wise as my friend informs me!
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