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I’m looking to book a week with my family in Naxos, and was wondering what area or towns are best.

My ideal check list would be:

—close to a town and shops (20 min tops)
—-view of the sea
—-quiet at night so we can relax and unwind
—Close to an organized beach (although we likely will tour all the beaches)

we love to spend our days at the beaches and our nights relaxing by the pool or walking around town.

many recommendations?!

If you have a specific villa or house in mind as well would love that info!

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Thanks for your question!

Here are a few areas on the Greek island of Naxos to consider looking at:

- Agia Anna village (south of Chora on the west part of the island, great area of shops and tavernas).
- Moutsouna (east of Chora, is a small and secluded town, but has amazing beaches).
- Town (Chora) (main town, had much activity going on, but is so beautiful, worth taking a look).

I hope this helps as a starting point and thanks so much for stopping by!


More pictures of Greek sunsets 😍

This one was a beauty :) feel free to reply with more pics

Screen Shot 2021-08-02 at 1.37.44 AM.png

Be careful, another heat wave is hitting Greece

Greece is super hot these days. This means that there is a higher chance of wild fires in very dry areas (some parts of north Athens are on fire right now) and chance for you to have heat exhaustion and sun disease. Please everyone stay hydrated on your vacations and keep a close eye on elderly and people with health problems! Stay in the shade and take many dips into the cool sea, enjoy!

Reward offered after beloved monk seal found killed in Greece.

Kalley Mera Kalllo Mina to all here!❤️❤️

I hope I have contributed good quality postings here to keep all informed here and share my knowledge and have some fun at the same time during these unprecedented challenging times that we all live in and just how our lives have changed especially traveling....Be well! Yasou apo mena from Thailand!❣️👋

Check out the full moon in Greece!

This was taken in Porto Rafti last night :) We finally got a good view by the beach

Screen Shot 2021-07-28 at 8.57.50 PM.png
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