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Agios Nektarios is one of Greece's most famous saints and one of the last people to be designated a saint. This movie was released last week, and has an excellent Greek cast. The movie is in English, I assume to attract a more international audience but has a Greek feel nonetheless. This is the trailer, let me know if you will be checking it out.

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Where do I find the complete movie? Thank you!
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Where do I find the complete movie? Thank you!
I know it was showing in some theatres internationally, but according to the official website they are no longer showing it. Hopefully it will become available online soon.


I have heard great things about this movie. So far, all I have found is that you can rent the movie on Amazon Prime streaming. I am not sure it is in the theaters anymore and I just checked Netflix and it's not there. I heard it was very good and totally worth seeing though.

What is your favorite Greek song? 🎶

Please post your favourite Greek songs! I'm trying to listen to more and more international music, and I would love to hear some recommendations. My personal favourite is To Tango Tis Nefelis.

What are the most in demand jobs for Greek speakers?

I would love to leverage my Greek speaking ability in the job market and see where my skills can be most valuable in the future. I am still in school now, so I am not looking for a job quite yet but I am just curious what everyone else's experience has been. Is Greek a useful language to know outside of Greece?

Any recommendations for Greek tv comedies to watch as a family?

Im looking to watch some funny and family friendly Greek tv shows to watch with the family! If anyone has any recommendations for Greek tv shows and where I can find them I would really appreciate it. I have a hard time finding international tv shows online these days. Thanks in advance! 😊

What is the process of having a political wedding in Greece?

I'm not sure if I'm going to be having a wedding in a church, so I am wondering what the process is of having a political or non-religious wedding in Greece. I know that the reception will be a classic reception, but is there someone who can officiate a wedding regardless of religion? And is this done for people who don't live in Greece?

Did you know about the Greek New Years tradition of hanging onions on doors?

In Greece, there are many different New Year's traditions and some of them vary by location and the specific culture of the region. Most of them bring good luck and health for the new year, especially this onion tradition. Across all of Greece, families will hang a yellow onion on their door as a symbol of good luck. They will usually do this after the church service on New Year's Day. While not all families do this, you may see it next time you visit Greece in January, look out for it!
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