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This is great news!! Thanks for sharing!! 🇬🇷
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18 Year Old Hotel Reservations?

Hi guys - although I still occasionally lurk around here.

A few friends and I are planning to attend CoasterMania this year on Friday. Since we live close (2 and a half hours) we'll be leaving here in the early morning, getting there for some ERT and such. However, being 18, my parents don't want me driving home at 12:30am. So my friends and I have decided to get a hotel room for Friday night.

We're running into some problems finding a hotel that works for us, though. Unless I'm blind, I can't find where most hotel sites put a minimum age. I found this year, from resorts.cedarpoint.com, this gem:

Guests 17 years old or younger are not permitted to register or reserve rooms or camping sites at Cedar Point Resorts. All guests under 18 years of age must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian during their stay.

Does this mean Cedar Point Resorts are now allowing 18 year olds to reserve a room? This would work wonderfully, since it's close and it's in our budget (Breakers Express). If anyone has any advice or info on hotels, it'd be apprecaited. Budget is no more than $120, the cheaper the better. We're guys, we just need a bed, a toliet and a shower.

I would be the primary credit card holder, and I would be traveling with another 18 year old and two 17 year olds. Does anyone know if that will be a problem and I should rethink the travel plans?

Traveling from Santorini to Mykonos

I plan to go to Santorini this summer, but even tough I love it there, I suspect I will only want to spend a short time - just a few nights. I have some friends that actually live on Mykonos that I want to visit, so I am wondering the best way to go from Santorini to Mykonos? From what I understand, the ferry is pretty easy - is this true? I have only gone to Mykonos from the Athens airport and have never used the ferry to get on the island.

Spas in Athens?

I am passing through Athens in a few months – I will be in Greece for a while. I won’t be in Athens long, just a few days, and I think I want to visit a spa.

Does anyone have any recommendations? I am interested in more of like a Hamam experience, and maybe get a massage too.

I Googled some possibilities, but don't know anything about them: Hammam Baths Athens - Melidoni 1, Old City Hamam & Spa - Athanasiou Diakou 1, and Al Hammam Traditional Baths - Tripodon 16.

Things to Do in Rhodes Town

While on Rhodes over the summer, I decided to use Rhodes Town as a home base. I am researching fun things to do. I know about the usual things to see - the Knights of Saint John, Acropolis of Lindos, the old town area, and some museums.

What I am looking for are suggestions for things that are other outside of the box, or specific recommendations that personally meant a lot to you or that you enjoyed. I am so looking forward to this trip and I want t get the most of it!

Epirotes Society of Philadelphia ‘Omonia’ organizes 15th Annual Tsipouro Night!

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