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I will be visiting some family in the Boston area over the fall for about a week for a wedding and from there, I would like to leave for Greece to spend about a month there. Does anyone know if there are nonstop flights from Boston to Athens at that time of year and if so, how do I track them down? I heard Delta had nonstop flights but can't seem to find them when I search for the dates I need. Do these flights only occur on certain days?
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Jerry s

Delta have direct flights from BOS to ATH, not sure if they have winter flights. They have 3 flights per week well into October. Wednesday, Friday and Sunday from BOS. Check it out on their website.
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Delta has really stepped things up! Very exciting that they now have a direct flight to Athens at least a few days out of the week. In the past, I have had to do stopovers in places like London, New York, and Zurich (and none of them had been ideal).

Best historical destinations in Greece?

So, I love history and I plan to go to Greece this year. I know I will be visiting in Athens and Crete. I will have time for one other place, but with such a distance between Crete and other places, I am not sure what makes sense. Some possibilities:

  • Explore mainland Greece after Athens and before Crete
  • Head to Rhodes after Crete
  • Visit Thessaloniki and the surrounding area after Athens and before Crete
  • Head to Santorini or Mykonos after Crete so I can visit Delos

Can you take rental cars onto ferries?

I am headed to Greece and want to visit some places I have never been, Monemvasia being one of them. I will also be in Kythira. I have to take a ferry to and from Kythira and need to somehow figure it out. I asked advice in another thread and it was very helpful.

I am starting to realize I might need a rental car in Greece while I am there. Do you think it makes sense to get a car in Athens and just take it all around with me? Can you take rental cars not ferries without issue in Greece?

Hearing Great Things About Milos

I have never been to Milos, but lately I have been hearing so many great things I am thinking I want to visit.

I have been to most of the major destinations in Greece like Athens, Crete, Santorini, etc. I want to explore some of the off the beaten track places!

Milos fans - do you have any stories, advice, or tips?

Visiting Monemvasia from Kythira?

Is it easy to visit the likes of Monemvasia from Kythira? I will be starting my journey in Athens. From there, I will head to Kythira on a ferry from Piraeus. After spending some time on that island, I want to go to Monemvasia. Does this itinerary make any sense or should I make some adjustments? Like, should I go to Monemvasia and maybe explore more of the Peloponnese before heading to Kythira instead of vice versa?
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