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When baking with phyllo, use olive oil (not extra virgin) for savory treats like spanakopita and butter for sweets like baklava. :)

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Thanks for the phyllo tip, never heard of this and we will try it next time we make spanakopita and/or baklava! 🇬🇷


Might just be me, but I have NEVER had success using olive oil and filo pastry.
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Might just be me, but I have NEVER had success using olive oil and filo pastry.
Do you use butter? I find that butter is good for sweet pastries but I like to use olive oil for savoury. The phyllo is always more flaky with butter though


Butter makes the pastry flakier. When olive oil is used, it gives it a different texture. It maybe feels a little denser, and can make even store bought phyllo feel homemade. For me, it all depends on the situation. Sometimes I even do a half butter, half olive oil blend.


Definitely butter for sweets. Recipes for homemade filo are made with lots of butter. Had a cooking lesson on the weekend. My cousin was teaching me to make Kastellorizian sweet - Katoumathia. Katoumathia is fried flaky pastry garnished with sugar, water and cloves - flour, water kneaded and rolled out. cut into pieces. Each piece rolled out again and lots and lots (and lots more) melted butter spread over, rolled into strands, squished and rolled out again and fried in butter. Unfortunately this cannot be made with filo. BUT, I have made similar with frozen roti and lots and lots of butter garnished with sugar, water and cloves.


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Ive never heard of this pastry, looks so yummy, thanks for sharing :) :) :) :) :)

These are the best loose leaf Greek herbal teas

Herbal teas can have many positive medicinal and health benefits, especially when dranken on a daily basis. Usually I like to buy loose tea, meaning the tea is not already in tea bags. This means that they are fresh and higher quality. Bagged teas tend to be more processed. Some of the best Greek herbal teas include...

1. Sage tea (this is the best for stomach problems)
2. Moutain tea (the most traditional Greek tea)
3. Fennel tea
4. Rosemary tea and oregano tea (I have never tried these personally but I have heard a lot about them and they have many health benefits)

How to make a Greek evil eye cocktail

This idea is SO FUN! I would love to make these cocktails to kick off my next trip to Greece with my girlfriends! The recipe requires a few ingredients that you might have on hand if you're a cocktail master. It's not a traditionally Greek recipe, but that's what you get when you want a cocktail for the looks. :)

Greek steak, rice and salad!

This is one of my favorite meals! Marinated steak tips with lemon, garlic and olive oil with a pinch of salt and pepper. I made rice using wild rice with a chicken boullion cube for extra flavor. The salad is a super simple Greek style salad with lettuce and I added avocado for the extra nutrients. Stin igeia mas! 1B376B07-FFBB-421A-9F37-1868EF4B7E17.jpeg

There are more ways to make baklava than you think!

Many people think the traditional way to make baklava is with walnuts and syrup, although there are many different recipe variations from Greece and all over the world. One of my favourites is the Turkish version which is made with pistachios, and the syrup includes rosewater. There are also a few modern versions that include chocolate, like chocolate dipped baklava. Here is a recipe for covered baklava with pistachios!

These are the best frozen spanakopita brands

Frozen and store bought spanakopita has been a staple in my house especially recently during covid when I have been stressed and not in the mood to cook. The best brands you can find are Greek brands, which are 7 Days, Athens and Krinos.

Other brands that are not authentic but probably easier to find are spanakopita at Whole Foods or Trader Joes. The ingredients are high quality and the taste is there! I just prefer supporting Greek businesses so whenever I can, I will buy from a Greek grocery store.

Please add your favorite brands in the comments!
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