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Have any of you been to Greece during covid? This is what a taverna looked like in the village I was visiting

empty taverna.jpg
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Wow that's so sad. So much of the economy is reliant on tourism that's it's really sad to see so many local and small businesses be hit like this. I wonder what's gonna happen in the future... Here is a picture of a beach I was at in Kefalonia. Everything seemed (almost) normal because it is a tourist spot.

kefalonia beach. jpg.jpg


It's very sad! Tourism is opening up in Greece I believe on May 14th, and hopefully that is a sign that people will return to the tavernas, beaches, and landmarks once again.

Where can I find a small picturesque village in Greece?

I'm looking for a small village to visit and get a taste of true authentic Greek culture, kind of like the one in the picture below. Where can I find something untouched by tourists?


What are the best souvenirs to get someone from Greece?

I'm planning to travel to Athens and Zakynthos this summer! What are some classic (but not corny) souvenirs that I can bring back from Greece? :) thanks

Do you recommend staying in youth hostels while in Greece?

Have you ever stayed in a youth hostel while in Greece? And if so, what was it like? I'm trying to plan my backpacking trip to Europe :)

What are the best ways to practice my Greek online?

I've been in quarantine since someone at my work got covid so I'm trying to brush up on my Greek! My husband's family is Greek and I'm trying to connect with them a bit more and try to learn more Greek than just the basics. Any advice would be super helpful, efharisto!

Does anyone know when Greece is reopening?

I am a little confused with all of the info floating around on the internet. Does anyone know what's actually going to happen and when Greece will properly reopen?


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