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Rest In Peace to the legend. Please share some of your favorite compositions so we can remember his legacy
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Rest In Peace to the legend. Please share some of your favorite compositions so we can remember his legacy
What a lovely idea!👋.....As soon as I recover from my Side effects of Pfizer shot..

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RIP Mikis Theodorakis! 🇬🇷🇬🇷🇬🇷

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I didn't care for the guy because he was a communist, but here is a clip I found funny from an old movie. If you're wondering why his music was banned, it's because he was a communist who was against the dictatorship (1967-1974) and his music was seen as a symbol of resistance. That said, he has some good music.


How to dance hasaposerviko!

Ive been trying to learn some Greek dances at home so that I can join in when I go to Greece next hear (hopefully) I get confused between the differences between hasapiko and hasaposerviko, so if anyone has any insight not that it would be super helpful. And please let me know if this is a traditional version of the dance or if its a variaiton

Thousands gather for Mikis Theodorakis funeral (Rest In Peace)

As expected, thousands of Greeks gather for Mikis Theodorakis' funeral today in Crete. Greek musician Dimitris Basis sang the sorrowful 1960 composition “Mana Mou Kai Panagia” -- My Mother and Holy

Buy from these Greek cosmetic brands!

I always like promoting for people to buy local and buy Greek. Apivita and Korres are two famous Greek cosmetic brands that have done super well on the market and are sold all over the world. I suggest you check them out and support Greek companies :)

Are there any Greek comic books?

My cousin is a huge comic book nerd and I would love to get him some comic books in Greek. Any recommendations?
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