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This is quite interesting



Sunday’s Greek song: prodigious Greek Roma performer Kostas Hatzis and grand dame Marinella sing about love & how in its light everything is pure & true to the lyrics of Sotia Tsotou off the 1976 live album “Recital"

What do Greek-Americans and Greek-Canadians do for thanksgiving?

This question is out of pure curiotisty! What do my fellow Greek-Americans and Greek-Canadians do for thanksgiving? Do you eat turkey? Do you even celebrate?

This is what a Greek Pontian wedding precession looks like!

I love seeing all of the different cultural traditions that exist in Greece! So beautiful

Play this Greek holiday playlist for your upcoming gatherings

I love festive music 🎶 🎄 This playlist covers all of the most popular Greek Christmas songs

Words that are difficult to translate from Greek to English

Φιλοξενία – Filoksenia: This is the idea of being generous and offering friendship (in a loving way) to a stranger or foreigner. This word does not exist in most other languages and is a big part of Greek Culture and expression.

Για πάρτη μου – Ya Parti Mou: Technically this phrase means “for me” and it is used to mean “treating yourself” well.

Φιλότιμο – Filotimo: This means honor and truth and friendship, and loyalty to one another.
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