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Poros beach in Kefalonia is said to be one of the top beaches!! I absolutely love it here

How can I get to Poros beach?

What to do in Corfu for couples?

My partner and I are planning a romantic getaway to Corfu, Greece, and we're looking for some insider tips on the best experiences for couples. We've heard so much about Corfu's natural beauty and rich history, but we're hoping to tailor our itinerary to include activities that are especially romantic.

We're open to anything, whether it's relaxing on secluded beaches, exploring charming villages, enjoying candlelit dinners with stunning views, or embarking on adventurous excursions together. Ideally, we'd love to find a balance between leisurely, romantic moments and exciting adventures that we can share as a couple.

If you were us, what would you do while on the island?

Visiting Lixouri in Kefalonia?

I am planing to go to Kefalonia and want to stay in a town that has a lot going on but maybe isn't so big and overwhelming. I researched and thought maybe Lixouri was a candidate?

This will be my first time on Kefalonia and I am interested in any tips you can give, such as:
  • What are the must-see attractions in and around Lixouri?
  • Can you suggest any hidden gems that a tourist might typically overlook?
  • What's the best way to get around the town and to nearby sites?
  • Any advice on local dining spots or unforgettable culinary experiences?
  • I'm also interested in outdoor activities — are there any particular hikes or natural wonders not to be missed?
  • Lastly, if you have any tips on cultural etiquette or local customs, I’d love to hear about them!
Thank you!

Has anyone visited Myrtos Beach in Kefalonia?

I'm planning a trip to Kefalonia and have heard a lot of great things about Myrtos Beach.

Has anyone on this forum been there? I'm interested in knowing:
  • The best time of day to visit
  • Tips for parking and accessibility
  • Recommendations for nearby local eateries
  • Any must-know tips for first-time visitors (like peak times to avoid, if it's suitable for kids, etc.)
Also, if you have any suggestions for other activities or attractions nearby that are worth exploring, I'd love to hear about those too!

What to do in Faskardo Village on Kefalonia

I visited this village once maybe eight years ago and I want to go back. I have some notes about the things to do there. I am wondering if anyone has any thoughts. Did I miss anything? I want to take my family there because I found the place to be really beautiful.

  • Stroll the Waterfront Promenade: Enjoy a leisurely walk along the picturesque harbor with its array of colorful fishing boats and yachts.
  • Explore Historical Venetian Architecture: Take in the charming Venetian-style buildings that survived the 1953 earthquake, giving Fiskardo its unique character.
  • Relax at Foki Beach: Spend a day sunbathing and swimming in the serene bay of Foki, surrounded by olive groves and cypress trees.
  • Join a Boat Tour: Embark on a boat excursion to discover remote beaches, hidden coves, and the stunning coastline around Fiskardo.
  • Visit the Fiskardo Nautical and Environmental Museum: Learn about the maritime history and natural environment of the region through engaging exhibits.
  • Hike to the Lighthouse: Follow the scenic trails leading out of Fiskardo to the iconic lighthouse and enjoy panoramic views of the sea.
What did I miss? Anyone have any restaurants to recommend?

Turtles question about Kefalonia

I'm planning an upcoming trip to the beautiful island of Kefalonia and I've heard quite a bit about the turtles that can be seen around the island. 🐢💦

Being a wildlife lover, I'd be thrilled to catch a glimpse of these magnificent creatures in their natural habitat! I have a few questions and would greatly appreciate insights from those who have visited or are knowledgeable about the local wildlife:
  1. What is the best time of year to observe turtles in Kefalonia?
  2. Are there specific locations where sightings are more common?
  3. Do local conservation efforts support safe viewing that won't disrupt the turtles' natural behavior?
Anything you have to share will be helpful!
Share and discuss your Kefalonia photos, questions and experiences!

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