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Porto Rafti beach is one the best beaches near Athens. It's so relaxing and super close to the airport! If you find yourself wanting a quick getaway from the city, Porto Rafti is the place to be



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So beautiful!! I love Porto Rafti, especially Agios Spiridonas :)
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I love Agios Spiridonas! One of the best places to go to is also Agia Marina in Porto Rafti. The church there is so beautiful and right by the water. I went to a wedding there one time and it was amazing. There's also really nice restaurants on the same street that overlook the water


This looks gorgeous and a nice escape from the bustle of the city. Beaches are so peaceful, and this one looks worth the visit. I should check it out next time I am in Athens!


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This beach is just what you would expect! It is beautiful and quiet, and it is a great little escape when you want to get away from the bustle of the city.
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This beach is just what you would expect! It is beautiful and quiet, and it is a great little escape when you want to get away from the bustle of the city.
Have you been to Porto Rafti? I'd love to go one day


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Porto rafti is definitely nice to go to when you're there.
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Spending Greek Easter in Athens?

I am not sure I have enough time to plan this for 2023, but I might if I start taking action. I am contemplating spending Greek Easter in Athens or the surrounding area. I have heard stories of people doing so, and I am curious about it. I want to go either this year or next. What do Greeks do typically for Easter? Is it possible to go to a monastery, or something? I know Easter is just in a few weeks... What do you guys think?

Visiting the Cycladic Museum

Though I will be in Mykonos for a while when I come to Greece (soon!) I will have some time in Athens.

I will be tied up with wedding festivities on Mykonos, but I will have some time. So, I want to learn about the history and culture of the island. I know there has to be more to it there than all the parties and the beach scene.

I plan to visit the Cycladic Museum in Athens to get ready. Is there anything I should keep in mind while I explore the museum?

Great Restaurants to Try in Athens?

I will have a few nights in Athens to enjoy the city. I love Greek food! I am making a list of restaurants I want to try or have been recommended to me. Anything to add or subtract?

  • Aleria Restaurant (was told this was higher end)
  • O Thanasis (Gyros and souvlaki)
  • 360 Cocktail Bar (for food and nightlife)
  • Granada
The gyro place listed I thought might be a good lunch choice, and I plan to enjoy some nightlife at least one of the nights.

Nonstop Flights from Toronto to Athens?

I am having a hard time finding nonstop flights from Toronto to Athens. I would be traveling in September.

In the past, I always flew nonstop. However, this was before the pandemic. Any idea which airlines I should look at?

I have some flexibility with my travel dates. Any advice is appreciated.

Public Transportation System in Athens

Can anyone give me some advice on the public transportation system in Athens, Greece?

I will be staying in Piraeus but will need to get around. I'll want to visit Acropolis area, as well as several other of the Athens neighborhoods.
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