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This is one of the best Greek music instrumentals that I like to listen to when Im reading and working at home! Geia mas to all of the world wide Greeks community who like to have kefi and play some great tunes. Please post some great instrumentals in the comments, I love a good bouzouki solo! Cheers :)



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I love it!! Im about to listen to it now on my long drive :) thanks


This is great music! So relaxing, and it's nice music for enjoying a great dinner with friends and family, or by myself! haha.
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This is great music! So relaxing, and it's nice music for enjoying a great dinner with friends and family, or by myself! haha.
I always listen to them by myself ahaha

These are the best Greek dances for big groups!

I love Greek dancing, and my favourite Greek dances are the ones that are done in massive groups for weddings, baptisms, and birthday parties. The Greeks really know how to have fun and have everyone join in! My favorite group dances are...

1. Kalamatiano: This is the most classic group dance and probably this easiest one to do and join in on
2. Tsamiko: This is probably the second most popular dance!
3. Balos: Balos is pretty easy to learn and is done in pairs (great for weddings)

Merry Christmas to the Worldwide Greeks community!

Merry Christmas to everyone in the worldwide Greeks community! I am so happy that I have found a place where I can chat with others in this forum. I wish everyone a blessed Christmas and a very happy New Year. As the Greeks say, Xronia Polla! And let's not forget that today is the name day of anyone named Maria, Mario, Panagioti (please let me know if I am forgetting anyone). Xronia Polla to all of those celebrating their name days. 🎄

Celebrating Ephiphany Italian style in Venice!♥️

Best traditional Greek artists to listen to this quarantine!

If you're in quarantine like me, you might find it useful to listen to some Greek tunes to relax. Some of the most popular older artists include Dalaras, Mitropanis, Alexiou, Glykeria, Terzis, and Kazantzakis. These are some of the classics and have a good mix of softer music and rebetika. If you're looking for newer artists who have more popular songs I recommend listening to Vandi, Pantelidis, Economidis and Garbi.

Where to shop for wedding dresses in Greece from local Greek designers!

As many of you may know, Greek weddings are a huge part of the culture in a really important way for both families to celebrate the union of love under God. Greece is also one of the best places to go clothes shopping! Especially for big items like wedding dresses because they aren't shipped from elsewhere (if you're getting them from a Greek designer that is). The quality is also super high and usually worth the price. My cousin goes to fashion school and she highly recommends Greek and Italian fashion designers! Here are a few that I have been looking at online.

Share and discuss Greek traditions related to Greek weddings, christenings, dance & holidays!

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