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This is for all of my fellow travellers and for those who live in Greece and have loved ones in Greece. It's really hard to find good resources these days, and I tend to get overwhelmed with everything that's going on in the news, so I like to have a few websites in my back pocket when I want to check and see how things are doing. I hope this doesn't overwhelm folks and just helps spread some accurate info.


There is a rental crisis in Greece

The rental crisis is getting worse all over the world, and especially in Greece. Many Greek people say that they spend the majority of their salary on rent, and the buildings are not in good condition. I have seen this myself with my own friends and family in Greece. Things are getting more and more unaffordable, especially as more and more people are moving to Greece. Something definitely needs to be done about this.

How to book ferries in advance

If you’re going to be island hopping in Greece, I highly recommend that you book tickets in advance online when you know your itinerary. This is especially important if you’re traveling with a car. Of course you can buy them of the day of, but if you want to be sure that you’re going to get a spot, you should get yours online. The two best websites to use are ferryscanner.com and ferryhopper.com. The one thing that you have to make sure of is to check in online 24 hours before the ferry is scheduled to date. This will ensure that you were able to download war tickets and travel. Best of luck!

Check out this stunning port near Piraeus

Right next to Piraeus is Port Alimos which houses smaller sailboats and yachts. The area has a beautiful cafe that overlooks the water called Día Noche where many sea goers stop and lunch before and after their trips. If you’re interested in taking a trip around the mainland or to neighboring islands I highly recommend you get in contact with someone from the port.


Be careful, wildfires are spreading all over Greece again

It's been all over the news… There are wildfires in Crete, Cephalonia, and Athens. This is pretty common in Greece, especially in the summertime so the country is taking extra precautions to get ahead of these wildfires early. Last summer, the country received aid from Italy to help stop the spread. If you notice that you are near a wildfire, I recommend that you follow the orders and evacuate immediately. You must be very careful because evacuations can cause massive traffic jams which make it very difficult to leave. If you notice that there's a fire call 100 which is Greece's emergency line.

These are the best beaches in Milos 🏖️

In my opinion, the best beaches are not overcrowded, have clean and crystal clear water, and smooth sand. Milos has some of the best beaches and the island isn't super crowded. These are some of the best beaches that you should visit...
- Sarakiniko
- Tsigrado
- Firopotamos
- Firiplaka
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