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One thing I learned while visiting Santorini is that the tomatoes were quite the experience! They had a different shape and they were small and sweet. I heard that they were different because of the unique soil on the island.

I loved the tomato croquettes (domatokeftedes) and any dishes that involved tomato sauce. I found a pic of the tomatoes:



The tomatoes and tomato-based dishes were definitely a highlight of visiting Santorini. A word of caution - you need to sometimes go a bit off the beaten track in Santorini to get the good stuff!

Iconic Dress Photo on Santorini

I love the photos I see of people who are wearing that beautiful flowing dress, and the photo is taken with the backdrop of the gorgeous island.

I love the photo and want to do one for myself.

How can I do this? I heard that it is actually a business? Does anyone have any details?

Is there anyplace out of the way in Santorini?

Santorini is inundated with tourists but I am wondering if there is anywhere on the island that may not be as busy but is still nice to visit. Or, that is maybe close to the busy areas but not too close. I love Santorini, and my family has never been. I want them to see it, but I don't want it to be stressful.

I am wondering if I should just forget it. I have heard stories about how expensive and busy it is in the summers.

Dealing with the crowded sunset on Oia

I tried to see the sunset on Oia - I was only there for a day. It was sooo crowded it was nuts.

I do want to give Santorini another chance but I need help finding a different sunset spot. I ended up watching the sunset by a dumpster - and it felt good enough.

I just don't know what to do - there was NO WAY I was going to be able to see it in Oia with how many people there were.

Where in Santorini is it Best to Stay?

In an earlier post, I asked where to stay in Oia. Now, I am even rethinking if I want to stay in OIa. I am curious - I have about 3 nights to spend in Santorini and I am wondering where it is best to stay. Is it Oia, or is that not even the best spot? I have actually been to Fira once, for maybe a night, but it was so long ago I don't remember it. It also wasn't even memorable, or maybe it was the people I was with at the time. Should I not rule Fira out?

Do the crowds feel better if actually staying in Santorini?

The last time I was in Santorini, it was off a cruise ship. There were other cruise ships that had ported that day, so the place was a zoo. I didn't even really like it!

Does Santorini feel different if you're actually staying there at least for a few nights, or is it always that crowded?

There was a long line to the cable car, a crushing crowd at sunsets, and in some shops, I couldn't even really walk through - there were too many people! Everyone was nice though, despite that.
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