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I'm Greek-Australian, and I've never considered getting a Greek passport until COVID made it easier to travel to Greece with proof of citizenship/passport. Do any other children of Greek immigrants have passports? Have you found it to be worth it?


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I am not sure if having a Greek passport helps with COVID travel restrictions in Greece.

I would recommend reaching out to your local (in Australia) Greek consulate and asking this type of question.

Hope this helps and good luck figuring it all out! :)
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I found it pretty useful because I'm able to travel around Europe very easily. If you don't think you'll be travelling to Europe, I wouldn't really recommend it. The Australian passport is pretty useful and can get you most places without a tourist visa. If that ever changes, I would look into it then.

Should I use credit cards or cash while traveling in Greece?

I don’t love to carry cash around when i’m traveling because i’m scared of being pickpocketed, but I know in certain countries many stores and restaurants don’t have credit card machines or they prefer cash. What is everyone's experience? And what would you recommend?

Peloponnese vacation pictures!

I would love to see all of your vacation pics from Peloponnese or the mainland! So many people forget that it's just as nice as the islands. This is a beautiful hotel I stayed at in Peloponisos that used to be a monastery


Why does Greece have so many stray dogs?

Don't get me wrong, they're so cute!! But why are there so many stray dogs on the street?

stray dogs.jpg

Travel tips to Zakynthos besides Navagio?

Does anyone have any travel advice about Zakynthos? I want to do some unique stuff besides Navaigo beach

Quarantining at a hotel in Greece upon arrival

Hi guys, i've been following the covid situation in Greece pretty carefully because I really want to visit this year. They just announced that people have to quarantine in their hotel or in a home for 7 days. Does anyone have any ideas about what this will be like? Or have any ideas about how to make this bearable?


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