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What do you all recommend? I usually use taxis when I'm in Athens but I've never been to Rhodes before so I'm not sure what my game plan should be

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My thought is I always rent a car in Greece. The driving can be tough in the city since there are so many people, cars and lack of parking (in Athens), but having the freedom to explore is so much fun!

Enjoy your trip to Rhodes!

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If you prefer getting a rental car usually, then I would recommend one. Taxis are harder to use on islands and are really only beneficial if you're in Athens or Thessaloniki


I've done it both ways- rented a car and also taken a taxi. Sometimes I don't even need a car, it all depends on the situation. One time, I had a trip where I took both approaches. I knew I wanted to visit a certain historical site that was a bit of a drive from my hotel, so I got a rental for just a few days and the hotel helped me arrange it.


There will be parades & dancing. To celebrate independence day

Palace of Grand Masters being converted

work to start soon to convert it into cafe / restaurant .

These are my best Rhodes travel tips

These are my travel tips from having visited Rhodes a couple of times!

-Don't spend all your time at the beach! It's tempting, but there are some really great sites and an amazing village town that are totally worth visiting
-You shouldn't pay top dollar for a hotel just because it has a pool! Many of the beaches are much better than the pools and they also offer great services like food and drink service.
-Bring your own first aid kit. If you need medical attention, it might be difficult to find a pharmacy that's open. There's usually one or two pharmacies that remain open at night or during holidays. If you don't have a car, it will be more difficult to get to them.

Best of luck and enjoy your holidays!

Welcome to Pefkos, Rhodes

Pefkos is an absolutely amazing destination to go to on the island! It has a great beach and wonderful restaurants and coffee shops in the area. The beach is not overcrowded and I personally think its a great place to go with family and kids. There aren't too many organized activities on the beach but it is great for swimming. Here is a great areal view of the beach.

Ferry service resumes between Turkish destinations and Rhodes!

For those of you that are traveling to Turkey from Greece using the ferry or vice versa, you are in luck! The ferry services are being re introduced which is great news especially for those that are traveling on a budget. The ferries were close down because of covid and have been closed for some time. Every Friday and Sunday there is a 45 minute boat ride from Fethiye, Turkey to Rhodes. This is such a quick trip and will definitely be cheaper than taking most flights! Has anyone taken this route? Unfortunately I have not and cannot provide tips from personal experience.
Share and discuss your Rhodes photos, questions and experiences!

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