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I've had a lot of free time recently and I've been researching the history of modern Greece. I had absolutely no idea that Greece had monarchs and kingdoms. Does anyone have a little bit more info about what was going on at the time? And what caused this?


After the Greek War of Independence, Greece struggled to establish a government. Their first attempt ended with the Governor of Greece's assassination. The world powers at the time, the British Empire, the Russian Empire, and the Kingdom of France, discussed how they would handle this. They decided on a monarchy, and selected Prince Otto of Bavaria, who was not in line for his own throne, to be Greece's new ruler. That was the beginning. Here's more information: https://www.greekboston.com/culture/modern-history/founding-kingdom-greece/


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The modern history of Greece is definitely turbulent and complicated. So many changes and shifts of power that it's really hard to keep up. But I'll try my best to break it down for you. Basically, after Greece gained independence from the Ottoman Empire there was a huge power grab, and many different countries wanted to have a say in who would rule modern Greece. I ended up being three main kingdoms until finally, a 1973 coup brought the third Kingdom to an end and established the Third Hellenic Republic which is what Greece has today.
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Could the Parthenon marbles be returned to Greece?

There is finally some hope in the constant and ongoing battle to return the person on marbles from the United Kingdom to Greece. A new chairman has declared that there is a deal to be done in terms of the marbles. Many are very hopeful that this might be pointing to a potential return, but others have given up hope in this battle. personally, this is something that I would love to see. There are so many artifacts from around the world that are stolen and still being housed in museums in the United Kingdom. The right thing should be done, and the marbles should be returned, as should every other stolen artifact.

History of the Orthodox Church in Greece

I know that there is some information about the early church in Greece in the Bible.

Are there other resources to check out that aren't online? I am not sure I trust the online sources.

I know that the early church was set up in places like Ephesus, and that Paul did a lot to speak on the things.

More than one Minoan Palace on Crete?

I didn't realize that Knossos wasn't the only Minoan Palace on Crete, but from what I understand it might be the largest?

I am planning a trip to Crete soon to see some of the ruins and here is where I plan to visit - did I miss anything?

1. Archaeological Museum of Athens
2. Knossos Palace
3. Malia
4. Phaistos
5. Zakros

Are there any other museums I should visit? I am learning about Minoan culture...

How Egypt influenced Ancient Greece

Ancient Egypt and Greece hav had so much influence over each other, perhaps more than any other ancient civilizations. This article specifically focuses on the impact of Egypt on Ancient Greece.

History of the Orthodox Church in Greece

I am trying to learn more about the history of the Orthodox Church in Greece. I know that there are some Bible passages that mention the Apostle Paul being in Greece, but I am not clear on the actual history.

For example, Ephesians was written about "Ephesus", which was part of Greece at that time. But, when I read the Bible I like to have more of an historical context. I am sure this information exists, I am just not sure where.
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