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The rooftop pool at the hotel I was staying at is closed today because of the smoke. Everyone please be careful, there could be toxins in the air. I took this picture yesterday and you can see a bit of haze in the back, but I think it was worse today

Screen Shot 2021-08-06 at 1.37.42 AM.png


Athens has seemed to collect smoke in the past because it is surrounded by mountains. Hopefully the smoke has cleared! I understand the fires have been put out?

What are some of the best things to do in Athens during Christmas time and New Years?

I'm visiting Athens from Christmas to New Year's and I would love to check out some events, holiday markets etc. What is there to do during this time? Thanks :)

This is what Christmas time in Athens looks like

The most beautiful city on earth ❤️

Markopoulo, Attiki has some of the best sports centers

Markopoulo is a small town near the Athens airport that has really great sports centres including the Olympic centre for horseback riding. Some of the stadiums and sports centres were used during the 2004 olympics and are now used by sports teams in the community. The town also has a really successful volleyball team and public tennis courts and soccer fields where anyone can go play. I highly suggest you visit if you're interested in working out during your next trip!

A bit of information about the Museum of Cycladic Art in Athens

This museum features some of the best and most world renowned pieces from the ancient times in the Cycladic islands. I really like this museum because it showcases region specific artwork in Greece rather than art from the entire country. I also like how it focusses on a specific time. So that I can compare with the other museums and see how the art has changed over time and across the regions. Have any of you been to this museum? Please let me know your experience :)
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