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The rooftop pool at the hotel I was staying at is closed today because of the smoke. Everyone please be careful, there could be toxins in the air. I took this picture yesterday and you can see a bit of haze in the back, but I think it was worse today

Screen Shot 2021-08-06 at 1.37.42 AM.png


Athens has seemed to collect smoke in the past because it is surrounded by mountains. Hopefully the smoke has cleared! I understand the fires have been put out?

Beautiful trip to Plaka today

I walked around Plaka today for a few hours (my favorite neighborhood in the city) and stumbled upon the beautiful and small Museum of Folk Music, afterwards we stopped at a Yiasemi cafe the was scattered over these steep marble stairs. The vibe was excellent and the coffee was just as great, I highly recommend it. https://www.yiasemi.gr

Visit Anavissos beach near Athens!!

In a lot of ways, Anavissos is a typical beach. You can easily come here for the day to relax and enjoy the water and sun. There are plenty of sun beds and umbrellas to rent, which means that you don’t need to bring your own supplies. Because this is a resort area, there are plenty of other things to do. You can spend time in this whole area exploring the shops, eating in some of the restaurants, and even exploring the other sites at Cape Sounion like the Temple of Poseidon.
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