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I always like to freeze food ahead of time to have a fresh meal just in case I get super busy. My favorite foods to freeze are pastitsio and biftekia. One thing you need to look out for when freezing foods, is how long you keep them in the freezer for. After a while, food will spoil or develop freezer burn. For sausages, you should only keep them in the freezer for 1 to 2 months. Any ground meat should only be kept in the freezer for 3 to 4 months. Steak or pork chops should be kept for 1 to 2 months. Keep in mind, this pertains to cook food. Raw meat can last in the freezer for much longer. In terms of cooked vegetables, those will last you from eight months to one year so it’s more sustainable.


We are the same way! It is nice having food in the freezer for quick meals. I don't always have the chance to cook. Excellent ideas!

What are some of the easiest Greek recipes?

I'm looking for something super simple to make this weekend. I'm so tired from a long work week and I just want something healthy and of course Greek to snack on. Does anyone have some super simple and easy Greek recipes that I can make at home?

What is the best Greek food to sneak in vegetables for kids?

My kids absolutely hate eating vegetables and I am always looking for ways to sneak in more and more vegetables. Does anyone have good Greek dish recommendations that have vegetables that don't taste too strong? Or existing recipes where I can add small pieces of veggies? I would really appreciate it, I am not the best chef but I am trying to switch it up these days and keep things healthy!

G is not only for Greece but Gastronomy— and gourmands:

What are your favorite Greek summer recipes?☀️

Now that summer is in full affect, I definitely want to start cooking some great Greek summer recipes! Does anyone have any Greek recipes that are perfect for summer, I'm looking for something light, fresh, and potentially made on the barbecue! If you're able to drop some recipe links, even better!

How to make thick and creamy Santorini fava!

Santorini fava is a classic staple in Santorini cuisine, and it has spread all over Greece. The dish is very simple to make, and taste even better when you use high-quality ingredients like Greek olive oil. It is a very budget friendly meal, and can stay in the fridge for a few days without going bad. It can get a bit dry so I suggest squeezing some lemon and adding a bit more olive oil if you're going to eat it over the course of a few days. Here is how you make it:

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