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This is kind of an awkward question, but I just started dating this girl from Kefalonia, Greece. And she keeps telling me about all of these amazing dishes that her family cooks that are specific to the village that she's from. Can any of you tell me what dishes are specific to Kefalonia? I would love to try them so I can impress here lol.
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How sweet of you! Mandola is a traditional candy from Kefalonia and is probably one of the most popular exports. You probably will be able to find it in some Greek supermarkets, but it might be a little more niche. Try looking for it online, and maybe you can order it to your house. It would be really sweet to bring it to a get as a gift to her family's home, I'm sure they miss it.
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The traditional meat pie from the region is so good. I like more meat-based dishes, which is why I even found out about this dish. It has the classic Greek meat spices like clove and Bayleaf. So tasty!


There's also a traditional candy on the island called Pastokidino that is made from Pistachios if you can find it. Also, the island is particularly known for its honey.

Where can I find small village charm in Kefalonia?

Hey everyone, I'm looking to find some small villages in Kefalonia to visit while I'm there. I really like to travel on the offbeat and path and get to know locals, is there anywhere I can do that on the island? I'm super adventurous and open to anything. The more authentic the better.

Is climbing Mount Ainos in Kefalonia exhausting?

Has anyone climbed Mount Ainos? I would love to take on the challenge but I'm a little out of shape LOL. How difficult is it?


Tell me about the beautiful village of Fiskardo!

Has anyone ever been? I'd love some traveling tips!


What are the Cyclopean walls?

What can I do at the cyclopean walls site? Does anyone know if there are tour guides? I would love to learn more about the walls from an expert

What are the best places to go to in Kefalonia?

Please let me know some of the best places you’ve been to in Kefalonia! I’m dying to go and want some advice on where to go. Pictures would be appreciated :)


Share and discuss your Kefalonia photos, questions and experiences!

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