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This is kind of an awkward question, but I just started dating this girl from Kefalonia, Greece. And she keeps telling me about all of these amazing dishes that her family cooks that are specific to the village that she's from. Can any of you tell me what dishes are specific to Kefalonia? I would love to try them so I can impress here lol.
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How sweet of you! Mandola is a traditional candy from Kefalonia and is probably one of the most popular exports. You probably will be able to find it in some Greek supermarkets, but it might be a little more niche. Try looking for it online, and maybe you can order it to your house. It would be really sweet to bring it to a get as a gift to her family's home, I'm sure they miss it.
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The traditional meat pie from the region is so good. I like more meat-based dishes, which is why I even found out about this dish. It has the classic Greek meat spices like clove and Bayleaf. So tasty!


There's also a traditional candy on the island called Pastokidino that is made from Pistachios if you can find it. Also, the island is particularly known for its honey.

Check out Agia Efimia, Kefalonia

Agia Efimia is a small village on the coast of Kefalonia with amazing beaches and restaurants and hotels. One of the most highly rated restaurants in the village is To Steki, which means "the hangout." The food is so fresh and I highly recommend that you visit after spending some time at the beach :)

Learn about Saint Gerasimus, the patron saint of Kefalonia

This video shows church services straight from Kefalonia on the saints day of Saint Gerasimus who is the patron saint of Kefalonia. Regions in Greece will have what is called a patron saint, who is said to protect and watch over the island. As you will see in the video, everyone from the surrounding area and villages will gather for this very important celebration and ceremony, it is truly a delight to see!

Ammes beach is one of the best beaches on Kefalonia

Ammes beach is in the Svoronata area which is very close to the airport. Its about 10 km southwest of Argostoli and one of the best beaches on the island! It's a pretty low-key beach with some great organized lounge chairs but as with most beaches in Greece, you can find a public spot where you can swim with ease and free of charge. The beach is super sandy and the waters are very clear. I highly recommend it!

Have you tried Mandola? Its Kefalonias most famous sweet

Mandola is a very popular sweet in Kefalonia and it is one of the biggest exports from the island. This treat is made of almond, honey, sugar and egg whites. The dessert has a few different variations, but is usually gluten free! The ingredients are very simple which is why they are so allergen friendly. I was doing some research and apparently these cookies are originally from the Venetian occupation in Kefalonia.

Have you seen drogarati cave in Kefalonia?

Drogarati cave is the kid that has existed for centuries, but was discovered only 300 years ago and is open for tourists!! You may find this cave a little bit spooky, or absolutely beautiful. It has many stalegtites and stalelmites that cover the cave. The cave was even used during World War II if you can believe it. Take a guided tour, where someone will explain to you the history of the cave and the uses during the war. Here are some links for more info

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