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I tried to google it however I am not sure if the information has changed due to Brexit or not so Thought I'd ask here

My sister is visiting me in the UK , she will be travelling back to Greece soon. I wanted to give her cash for her and her family for Christmas however I am not sure how much cash can she actually carry or what is the limit that needs to be declared at customs.

In case it matters, she does not have Greek nationality.

Thank you
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Jerry s

There is no limit but you must declare if €10,000 or more (or the equivalent in a foreign currency)
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There is no limit but you must declare if €10,000 or more (or the equivalent in a foreign currency)
This is true, the limit is pretty large so I think you're safe

Make sure to book your covid tests early for traveling to Greece!

As rules are changing for every country (including Greece) I suggest that everyone book their COVID tests early because everyone is scrambling last minute to book theirs, especially during the holidays. Greece now requires a negative PCR test taken 72 hours before arrival to Greece. This new rule has recently come into effect for many countries as well, as before only unvaccinated people needed to take a covid test. I hope everyone to stay safe and wish everyone happy holidays!

Greece has now approved a fourth covid vaccine shot for at risk people

Greece has just announced that it has approved a fourth booster shot for people who are most at risk. This means that those who qualify and under their doctors approval can obtain an additional shot to prevent themselves from contracting COVID-19. I'm not sure if this applies for travellers and non-citizens, as usually in order to get a vaccine or a Covid test you need to have some form of healthcare in Greece, either private or public.

Mango is the best app for learning Greek!

If you’ve ever wanted to learn Greek to communicate with family members or to use on your next holiday in Greece, Mango is the app you need to download! I started using it a few months back, and I really feel like it has helped me learn Greek so quickly. The app has so many great features and allows you to record your own voice so you can hear how well you are pronouncing the words so that you can work on your accent. I highly recommend it!

Greece just introduced an outdoor mask mandate!

As a result of the increase in cases of omicron, the Greek government just introduced an outdoor mask mandate meaning that everyone must wear a mask both indoors and outdoors regardless of where they are. This will change things up, but it will protect the public as more and more people are getting sick. It's not the biggest deal ever though because it is wintertime and it will be much easier to wear a mask versus the hot sweaty summer. Stay safe everyone!
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