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I agree that Crete is so beautiful! It's one of my personal favorite places and I can't wait to go back. Thanks so much for sharing this!

Hiking advice for Crete?

I want to hike while I am on Crete but I need advice. I have never hiked in Greece before. Any advice is appreciated! Some things on my mind:

  • Best Trails: I was thinking Samaria gorge and maybe one other during my stay. Ay advice?
  • Preparation Tips: What should I pack or prepare for these hikes? Considering the terrain and weather conditions, are there specific items (beyond the basic hiking gear) that are must-haves for Crete? What kinds of shows? How much water?
  • Local Guides or Groups: Do you recommend hiking with a local guide or joining a group for certain trails? If so, how can I find reputable guides or groups
Thanks in advance!

Info on Visiting Elafonisi Beach?

I'm planning a trip to Crete and have heard amazing things about Elafonisi Beach. It sounds like a must-visit spot, but I'm unsure about the best way to get there.

Has anyone been there recently and can share some tips?

Specifically, I'm looking for advice on:
  • Transportation options (renting a car vs. public transport)
  • Best time of day/month to visit
  • Any must-see spots or activities near the beach
  • Recommendations for places to eat nearby
I'd appreciate any insights or suggestions you have. Thanks in advance!

Visiting Zorba Beach on Crete Questions

I'm planning a trip to Crete and I've heard wonderful things about Zorba Beach. I'm looking for some detailed information and personal experiences from those who have visited.
  1. Best Time to Visit: What is the ideal time of year to visit Zorba Beach to avoid large crowds but still enjoy good weather?
  2. Activities: Besides relaxing on the beach, what kind of activities are available? Are there any water sports, hiking trails, or local cultural experiences you would recommend?
  3. Amenities: What facilities are available at Zorba Beach? Are there restaurants, sunbeds, and changing rooms, or should I bring my own supplies?
  4. Accessibility: How easy is it to reach the beach from the main tourist areas? Is there public transportation, or would you recommend renting a car?
  5. Accommodations: Are there good places to stay nearby, or is it better to stay in a different area and make a day trip out of it?
  6. Local Tips: Any insider tips or lesser-known facts about Zorba Beach that would enhance my visit?
The reason why I ask is I have a friend who's been and I want to go, but the friend doesn't remember any details!

What to do in Agios Nikolaos?

I'm planning a trip to Agios Nikolaos in Crete, and I'd love to hear from anyone who has experience traveling there. It looks charming - I am basically here with a group of friends who wanted to see the area. I have been to Crete but never to this particular place, so I just want to get a feel for what to do here.

Some thoughts about what I can do:

- I think there's an archeological museum here that might be worth seeing.
- Is it worth taking a little trip to Spinolonga?
- I know there are some great beaches and shopping!

Anything specific you can recommend?

Is Crete Okay for a Handicapped Person?

I'm planning a trip to Crete and was wondering about its accessibility for handicapped people. My family member uses a walker, and we want to ensure they have a comfortable and enjoyable experience. Can anyone share insights or experiences regarding accessible accommodations, transportation, and attractions on the island? Are there specific areas or services you would recommend or suggest avoiding?

Any tips on accessible beaches or scenic spots would also be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance for your help!
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