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I love how the acropolis museum blends modern and ancient architecture. Just look at how the two are juxtaposed! Let me know if there are any other cool architecture spots in Athens!

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I love the acropolis museum! It's one of the best newer buildings in Greece! I'm so happy that they built such an amazing building to house all of our ancient artifacts

The Daphne Monastery is beautiful!!

This is one of my favorite places to visit outside of Athens! It's considered a masterpiece of the Byzantine Empire and there are 11th century frescos, religious paintings, and icons. The monastery is right at the edge of the city of Athens in the suburb of Chaidari.


Is there anything to do near the Athens airport?

Funny enough, I have a quick 8 hour layover in Athens before going to Turkey for a business trip. I've never really explored the area by the airport. Is there anything to do there?

Are there student discounts for Athens museum tickets?

I just moved to Athens a few months ago but I haven't been to any of the museums because of the pandemic but I'm planning on going this summer. Does anyone know if there are student discounts for museum tickets?

Is Athens safe for teens to explore alone?

My kids speak decent Greek and I'm wondering if it's safe to let them leave the hotel and explore the city on their own. They're 16 years old. Do you have any advice?

Quiet vibes at Porto Rafti beach

Porto Rafti beach is one the best beaches near Athens. It's so relaxing and super close to the airport! If you find yourself wanting a quick getaway from the city, Porto Rafti is the place to be



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