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-The War Museum
-Panathenaic Stadium
-Aristotle’s Lyceum

Any more to add to the list? These are just my opinion :)
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-The War Museum
-Panathenaic Stadium
-Aristotle’s Lyceum

Any more to add to the list? These are just my opinion :)
The Acropolis and the Acropolis Museum of course!

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I would say visiting the shops at Monastiraki in Athens is a must do as well! Seeing the Acropolis at night is something to see too!


I would take the trek outside of Athens, too, to see the Temple of Poseidon in Sounion.

Cape Sounion is a beautiful destination near Athens

Cape Sounion is a beach that is south of Athens, known for its beautiful hotels and luxury restaurants. I've attended so many weddings in the area, as it is one of the most popular destinations for families that live in the Athens or mainland area. One of the best parts of the area is that you can catch a great view of the Temple of Poseidon, here is what it looks like:

Why arent the old Olympic stadiums being used for anything?

This is something that I’ve wondered for a very long time but I’ve never heard an answer. How come the old Olympic stadiums in Greece aren’t being repurposed for something useful. This is a phenomen that has also happened in other countries where the Olympic Games have been held. Why did this happen in Greece though?

Best Ice cream in Athens!❤️❤️😋😋

Tips on making your trip to the Acropolis kid friendly!

Many activities in Greece can be kid friendly, as long as you make some minor adjustments. The acropolis is a great place to visit but it can get a bit tiring for young kids who don't like being in the sun or walking up a lot of stairs. My first recommendation is to go very early in the morning, or late afternoon when there is not a lot of sun. Make sure the little ones are wearing hats and sunscreen and they are very hydrated. I suggest that you don't spend too much time at the top of the acropolis, but rather take a stroll through the museum and have a snack at the Café that overlooks the Acropolis. As always, you can make the experience more fun by getting some goodies at the gift shop.

Tips on getting a good deal while shopping in Athens

One important thing to know while shopping in Athens, especially at the tourist places is that no price is the final price! When shopping, it is not considered rude to barter and negotiate prices (politely). I recommend doing this especially if you are purchasing a few items or paying with cash. Usually, the shop owner will give you a lower price if you are buying more things. Remember to always be polite when bartering and know that you shouldn't go too low, people should still be paid fairly.
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