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Cine Creta Maris is so great, check it out for sure

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Watching a movie outside in Crete, Greece (with warm Summer air) is truly amazing!



Greeces first omicron variant case was detected in Greece

I don't mean to alarm anyone, I am just updating and providing news… The first case of the omicron variant of Covid was found in Crete just the other day. Although I am assuming that there are many more people who have contracted the omicron variant, this is probably the first recorded case where someone has a positive test. I suggest that everyone be quite careful when travelling to Greece because it is such a populated tourist area, especially during holidays such as Christmas and the summer time.

Santa drops off gifts in Crete using a paraglider!!

This is such a wonderful story to brighten up our dreary covid Christmas! A few Santa's gathered in Crete to drop off Christmas gifts in Crete while flying in paragliders. I hope to see many more initiatives like this especially because its so nice for the locals and the tourists. Merry Christmas to everyone and have a Happy New Years!

Horse back riding in Crete is so beautiful

I was looking at some activities to do in Crete and I think horseback riding will for sure be on my list!

Earthquake struck Crete last week, but little damage occurred

Last week, an earthquake hit Crete with a magnitude of 5.7 but all reports this since then show that little damage has been done to the island and there are no injuries or deaths. Thank goodness everyone is safe and not a lot of harm was done, especially since people and businesses are really struggling as a result of the omicron variant. As many of you may already know, Greece is a region that is very prone to earthquakes as a result of the mountainous region and tectonic plates so the island is prepared for these types of earthquakes. Stay safe everyone!

Greeces first case of Omicron was detected in Crete

The first case of Omicron was detected in Crete about three weeks ago. The person who had contracted Omicron was traveling in South Africa and most likely contracted the variant there. He has pretty mild symptoms and has reached out to everyone he was in contact with and let them know that they should be quarantining. It is unclear how fast Omicron will be spreading in Greece but time will tell very soon. Keep updated and stay safe everyone!
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