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I love the history of this place! In 480 BC, along with the other two city-states, ancient Ialyssos formed a confederation to protect themselves. Together, these three would form the capital of Rhodes. The capital stretched from this area to present day Rhodes Town. You will see the Temple of Athena, the Doric fountain-house, and the Byzantine fortifications.

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I loved this place! My cousin insisted that we take a guided tour and it was actually great even though I usually don't like tour guides. There is so much to learn I highly recommend it
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In 2011 as a part of the local government reform it became a part of the municipality Rhodes


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Best place to visit is Ancient Kamaros not far from Kamaros Scala port

What are the best wines from Rhodes

What are your top pics from the island? I'd love to try more local wines when I visit Rhodes


Should I use taxis or get a rental car when traveling in Rhodes?

What do you all recommend? I usually use taxis when I'm in Athens but I've never been to Rhodes before so I'm not sure what my game plan should be

Where in Rhodes was the famous movie "Boy on a Dolphin" filmed?

I love this film (and Sophia Loren) so much and I'd love to visit some of the locations where it was shot, does anyone know where on the island it was filmed?

Taking my nephews to the Faliriki waterpark!

You'd think that the waterpark is only for kids but I actually had a great time! We went in the afternoon when it was less crowded and the kids had so much fun. I definitely recommend it! Check this vlog out:

What is the history of the Palace of the Grand Master of the Knights of Rhodes?

I'm thinking of adding it to my list for my trip, but I don't really know the history behind it... has anyone visited?



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