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Some of the earliest examples of where Greek can be traced to is the Mycenaean civilization. Once the Mycenaean civilization collapsed, parts of the Greek language disappeared. It was then replaced by writing inspired by the Phoenicians. After this during the Classical Period of Ancient Greece, the language developed into several dialects, one of which developed into a language that is very similar to the modern Greek that we know today.

The Greek debt crisis explained

Im not sure if this is the best representation because im not an economist, but just something to help others get a better idea of what happened in 2008 and what Greece is recovering from. We've been through a lot as a culture and a country but we've remained so strong!

Tsakonia: Still Speaking One of the World’s Oldest Languages !

Who was Constantine the Great?

Constantine the Great was an emperor of the Roman Empire from 306 until his death in 337. He is criticized and praised by many, but he is an important figure in history nonetheless. He has a lot of military and religious significance. He is known for being the first Christian emperor and also during this time, Greece was part of the Roman Empire.


What life was like for Greeks under Ottoman occupation

This is a great video by the Benaki Museum about what life was like for Greek people under Ottoman rule, check it out!

What are your favorite Greek inventions?

Mine is the water mill hands down! This revolutionized so many things and made a huge impact!! What is your favorite Greek invention?

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