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Now here is some information which rarely comes into tourism news!

If you travel to Greece youre likely to see sheep on the road!

I love seeing goats and sheep as I’m driving along!! Got this cool pic a few weeks ago while I was traveling. Cheers


Visit Greece App on Google play!

I think I have posted this previously but there is a new competition.... very useful and informative officially operated by GNTO..... Greece National Tourism Organisation!❤️👌

Greece was voted the second best tourist destination in Europe!

This just came out! But I say, why second? In my eyes Greece is for sure the best destination across Europe. It has everything you could ask for: good food, history, beaches and culture! That's why I love it so much :) Zito Hellas!

Where is the best place to go to Greece if you are sick?

Where should I go if im sick while im in Greece? The hospital? Doctor? Pharmacy? I don't have any health insurance the covers international medical needs. Any advice would be super helpful :)

The Greek region too remote for maps

Now here is some information which rarely comes into tourism news!
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