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This is my favorite myth of all time :)


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Great video thanks for sharing!

Here is more information about the myth of pandora's box:


Homer, the Ancient Greek philosopher

Homer is my favorite Greek philosopher of all time! His influence is still felt today and its even required readings for many high school and university courses. Who is your favorite Greek philosopher?


Controversy around Priapus father (the Son of Aphrodite)

Does anyone have insight on who is father was? Aphrodite is considered to be Priapus’s mother, but there is controversy as to who his father was. Was it Zeus? Pan? Adonis? Dionysus? Most do credit Dionysus, but there is a case for each of them.

The myth of pandoras box (my favorite)

This is my favorite myth of all time :)

How do Greek mythology and art relate?

Knowing some basics of Greek mythology can really help in understanding a lot of art throughout the years. A lot of art is based around concepts of Greek mythology and uses similar inspiration. According to this article, Pandoras Box, Perseus and Andromeda, The Minotaur, Icarus, Leda and the Swan, and Achilles are standout myths.

Did you know about the Greek goddesses of the seasons?

Horae are the Greek goddess of the seasons. In Greek mythology, items of nature were usually personified in the form of a god or goddess. Among the most important of these beings were the Horae, a group of goddesses who ordered the seasons and natural time. As time progressed, the Greeks came to associate the Horae not only with natural phenomenon, but with justice and good order as well.
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