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The other day 39°C in Mykonou and 44°C in Athens....can fry eggs on the tarmac as my friends tell me who live there..!😂😂
Eeeeek that sounds crazy
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Καλημέρα 🔆 Autumn In the Incredible Greek Islands

Beach life on Skyros Island ~ a hidden gem in the heart of the Aegean Sea! Autumn is the ideal time to visit, explore and experience authentic Greek island life, like a local

PM to Bloomberg: Greece had a very good tourist season in 2021.

Greece Announces a Whopping 6.1% Growth Forecast for 2021!👏

Is it more difficult to island hop in Greece because of covid?

What has been everyones experience? Should I stick to one island instead of jumping around?

EU Commission Commends Greece for post-Covid-19 Progress.

Rightfully so, Greece is one of the first countries to recover in Tourism Industry and with it turning her Economy and GDP around... Huge Compliments Elllada mas!❤️❤️👏👏
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