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Ladolemono is a standard Greek marinade that is made of olive oil, lemon, and usually garlic, any herbs that you like (usually oregano) and then salt and pepper. I use it mainly for all meats and potatoes, boiled vegetables like cauliflower, beets, and broccoli. Its very light and refreshing and one of the healthiest dressings and marinades that you can use. When you potatoes with it in the oven, you can always add a little water to better cook the potatoes until they are fork tender. Let me know some other great uses!
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I use just a little bit of mustard for the kick and a spoonful of honey and rosemary (mainly for the meat and potatoes).


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I use just a little bit of mustard for the kick and a spoonful of honey and rosemary (mainly for the meat and potatoes).
I love adding a bit of honey and some coarse sea salt so that there is a balance of flavour


I use this to make souvlaki. I make a big batch of ladolemono and then marinate the meat in it overnight. Makes it succulent and helps prevent the grilling process from drying out the meat.

How to make thick and creamy Santorini fava!

Santorini fava is a classic staple in Santorini cuisine, and it has spread all over Greece. The dish is very simple to make, and taste even better when you use high-quality ingredients like Greek olive oil. It is a very budget friendly meal, and can stay in the fridge for a few days without going bad. It can get a bit dry so I suggest squeezing some lemon and adding a bit more olive oil if you're going to eat it over the course of a few days. Here is how you make it:

How to make a classic Greek village (horiatiki) salad

This village salad is probably one of the most popular salads in Greece. Many Greeks will start their lunches and dinners with the salad and it is considered to be very healthy, especially when you use local ingredients. All you need to do is chop up the following ingredients and toss it in a salad bowl.

- 3 tomatoes
-Half a red onion
-Half a green pepper
-1 block feta cheese
-2 large spoonfuls of olives
-2 large spoonfuls of olive oil
-2 teaspoons of oregano
-1 teaspoon of salt

Strawberry covered ekmek kadaïfi

This dessert is one of the best I’ve ever made! It’s a simple ekmek kadaïfi recipe that I found from google and I topped it off with pistachios and strawberries. It tastes just as good as it tastes.

Its grilling season!

I’m so excited! This is the first day that I’ve been able to get outside and start grilling. I made some chicken, pork chops, and beef tenderloin seasoned with lemon and oregano. Is anyone else grilling this summer? 😎


What are your favorite flavors of Greek ice cream?

Personally, I have to say baklava or kaïmaki. For those of you that haven’t tried kaïmaki, I highly recommend it. It’s a traditional Greek ice cream made from masticha. You can find it at most Greek grocery stores and ice cream stores. What is your favorite Greek ice cream flavor?
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