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1. Vourvoulos
3. Vlychada
4. Perivolos
5. Monolithos

Any more that someone would like to add? This picture is of Perissa beach


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Santorini has so many amazing, volcanic and very unique beaches to swim at and visit.

Here are a few more beaches to consider checking out while visiting Fira:

- Kamari Beach
- Koloumbos Beach (near Fira but had to mention it since it is a very quite beach)


I heard there are not many taxis in Santorini...what do I do?

How do you get around other than taxi?? Please help!!

You should visit the Gyzi megaron Museum in Santorini!

This museum is great because you can learn about the true culture and history of the island. The museum houses great authentic and intricate engravings, local clothing so you can see what people used to dress like, mabs, and a general overview of Santorini history. The artefacts are from the 15th to the 19th century and there are many pictures that show what the island used to look like before it was one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world.


Does Santorini tend to be more windy than other areas of Greece?

I have had it with this global heat!! I can't stand sweating and being so sticky, so Im looking to vacation in a place that's breezy and windy, and I'm hoping that Santorini is a bit cooler than other areas in Greece. Is this true? Or should I be looking elsewhere

Does transit through the Santorini airport take forever?

How long is the transit time? Especially during peak season?

Santorini tips for first timers

Share and discuss Santorini photos, questions and experiences!

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