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These are great family actives. I went with my family to Rhodes right before covid and my nieces and nephews has a great time! I would definitely recommend it for anyone who is traveling with small kids!

Hydrobiological Station of Rhodes aka Rhodes Aquarium is amazing!

Faliraki Beach and Water Park are a great two in one, you could spend the whole day here for sure.

Valley of the Butterflies is great if you're visiting from June and September.
There are only Tiger Moths @ Valley of Butterflies.Also mosquitos ,so best avoided if they are attracted to you.
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There are only Tiger Moths @ Valley of Butterflies.Also mosquitos ,so best avoided if they are attracted to you.
Hmmm...I just googled tiger moths and they look pretty! Mosquitos... not so much LOL
Thank you for sharing this list. I have always wanted to visit the Valley of the Butterflies! I have been to Rhodes, but I somehow missed the chance to visit that.

Traveling with a history buff to Rhodes

I am traveling with someone who lives history to Rhodes. Specifically, Medieval history (to the crusades).

I understand that Rhodes was a main player in this time period? Here are a few things on my list to visit. Did I miss anything?
  1. The Palace of the Grand Master: Standing majestically in the heart of Rhodes Old Town, this palace is one of the most striking reminders of the Knights' presence. It's said to be restored in the 20th century. I'm particularly interested in its history and the exhibitions hosted inside.
  2. Street of the Knights (Ippoton Street): Possibly one of the best-preserved medieval streets in the world. Walking down this street, lined with the inns once used by knights of different languages and origins, seems like a walk back in time. Any specific inns or details I should look out for?
  3. The Hospital of the Knights: Now housing the Archaeological Museum of Rhodes, it seems like a place rich in history. I'm curious about the exhibitions there and any pieces that are a must-see.
  4. The Fortifications: The walls and gates around Rhodes Old Town are a testament to the knights' engineering prowess. Is there a particular section or gate that offers a unique perspective or history?
  5. Rodini Park: A bit off the beaten path in terms of knightly history, but I've read that it's one of the world's oldest parks and was appreciated even during the era of the knights. Any historical remnants here connected to the knights?

Visiting Ancient Ramiro's on Rhodes

I realized I have never seen this site and I am traveling with history buffs. I thought I'd ask you all for some advice:

  1. Best Time to Visit: What’s the best time of year to explore Ancient Kamiros to avoid the crowds but still enjoy good weather?
  2. Getting There: Are there public transportation options available, or would renting a vehicle be advisable? Any tips on parking or the best times to arrive?
  3. Must-Sees: Within the site, are there any particular spots or artifacts that are a must-see? I'm interested in capturing some great photos and soaking in the history.
  4. Tour. Should I take a tour? Anything to recommend?

Any Good Nightlife in Rhodes?

I am researching the possibility of going to Rhodes but there is someone in our party who likes nightlife. Can anyone share recommendations on the best places to go for a fun night out? I'm interested in a mix of experiences, from vibrant clubs to cozy bars. What are the must-visit spots for dancing, enjoying live music, or just having a relaxing drink with a great view?

Additionally, are there any particular areas in Rhodes known for their nightlife that I should check out? I'm also curious about any local customs or tips for enjoying the nightlife scene safely and respectfully.

I'd love to hear about any hidden gems or popular favorites that shouldn't be missed. Looking forward to your suggestions and any personal experiences you can share!

Worth visiting the botanical garden on Rhodes?

Is it worth visiting the botanical garden on Rhodes? I think it's called the Sacratous Garden? Or are they two different places. I've heard so much about its stunning landscapes, diverse flora, and tranquil atmosphere, making it a must-see destination for nature lovers. However, I have a couple of questions and I was hoping someone here could share their insights or experiences:
  1. Best Time to Visit: What's the best season or time of year to visit the botanical garden to see it in all its glory? Are there any specific months when the garden is particularly vibrant or hosts special flora?
  2. Must-See Highlights: For those who have been, what are some must-see highlights within the garden that you'd recommend? Any particular sections or rare plants that I shouldn't miss?
  3. Guided Tours: Are there guided tours available? If so, would you recommend taking one to enhance the visit, or is the garden easy to explore independently?

Honeymoon in Rhodes?

I have to help someone plan a honeymoon in Rhodes. It can be a romantic place, especially if you love history.

I need some help, though, figuring some things out since I have only ever been here with my family. Where would you stay? What would you eat? What would you do?

Any advice you have would be great - I can think of plenty of things to see and do, and places to eat, but I've never thought about them from a romantic perspective.
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