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This list is extremely helpful for anyone visiting Greece. Learning a bit of Greek can be a little intimidating, especially since some of the sounds don't exist in other languages. I suggest that you at least learn a few words to get by, since it is also a kind gesture when visiting a foreign country. Let me know if you like this video! And if you think these words are easy to learn!

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Half of these words shouldn't even be here because they're essentially the same word. Ο/το/η should be counted as one word, not three because they are articles that mean the same thing. The same goes with στο/στην/σε and other words.

A few hours of entry level Greek classes will teach you all of this.
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For anyone learn agree, I recommend Duolingo. It's simple and free. It won't teach you complex conversations, but you'll learn the basics, especially for travel.


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Very nice. Thanks.


Great video. I love the Easy Greek channel in general. Lots of great content!

Visiting People on Crete

While we are in Greece this year, we will be visiting some people that live on Crete.

They are very generous to us, and very nice people.

Basically we are there for a cruise stop this year, and they will be picking us up for dinner at their house.

We want to give them a gift. Any ideas? Is it appropriate to give a gift?

How much money to give at a Greek wedding?

I am going to be attending a wedding in Greece and am trying to gather information.

Someone in another thread I started about Greek wedding traditions said that Greeks typically give money at a wedding.

Do you know how I would figure out how much to give? What's customary?

Thanks in advance!

Gift Idea for Adult Chrismation

I have a friend who is half Greek who is Chrismating into the Orthodox Faith in a few weeks.

I want to get her a gift.

Does anyone have any gift ideas?

Good Place to Find Greek Music?

I love to listen to Greek music. I usually just find music and playlists on YouTube but I am starting to get bored with what I can find there. Do you have any suggestions on where I can go to find free Greek music to stream? I like modern Greek music better than the old stuff, but honestly I like to listen to both kinds of Greek music.

Traditional Greek Outfit for Girls

How do I buy one of those really cute Greek outfits for a young girl?

I have been asking around here where I live and have some leads, but I wondered if there was an easier way. Most of the leads I have involved getting it made by hand, and that is expensive.
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