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Someone in my wedding party suggested I look into Thessaloniki as a possible wedding and/or honeymoon destination. What do you guys all think? I have never been - but it seems to have much of what I am looking for - beaches, history, night life, the crowds are healthy but not completely crazy in the peak of the summer (which is when the wedding might be)... How are the beaches? How is the nightlife?


I think this sounds like a good possibility - there is so much diversity! The beaches are fabulous and the nightlife is pretty good, too. It's not crazy like Mykonos, but it's really nice. I haven't spent much time there, though, so hopefully someone else will chime in.

Day Trips from Thessaloniki

What are some good day trips to do while in Thessaloniki? Some ideas to start:

- I know there are some great beaches in the area
- Did I see that Meteora is doable for a day trip?
- Are there any day cruises to nearby islands or anything?

Share Photos of Thessaloniki!

This is one of my favorite places. I thought I would create a space for us to share our favorite photos. I'll start!


I love the White Tower in Thessaloniki...

I love cities that have beautiful landmarks. Thessaloniki wouldn't be the same without the white tower! I thought I'd share a pic of the place. Please share yours if you have them... it's really a great, iconic place with lots of history.


What are your favorite things to do in Thessaloniki?

I am thinking of taking a trip to Thessaloniki next year. I am trying to think of what to do. I just want a rough idea so I can figure out how many days to spend.

Here's what I was thinking for some activities, but I want to know your recommendations:
  • Taking a walk along the beautiful waterfront promenade
  • Exploring the historical White Tower
  • Savoring delicious Greek cuisine at the local tavernas
What activities or spots would you recommend? I'm interested in everything from cultural experiences, food destinations, hidden gems, to some relaxation spots. And of course, if there are any events or local gatherings happening, I'd be thrilled to join and immerse myself in the local culture.

Will only have a few hours in Thessaloniki...

I am going to Thessaloniki in the late summer (I forget the dates). It's a stop on a Greek cruise. I have been to Greece a lot before but have never done a cruse. I have also never been to Thessaloniki. Any suggestions as to what I can do with my time while I am here? I will be doing a tour of another stop the day prior, so for Thessaloniki I am thinking I just want to explore.
Share and discuss your Thessaloniki photos, questions and experiences!

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