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Many think that the “X” in xmas actually doesn’t replace “Christ” in “Christmas”, but is actually an abbreviation. The Greek word for Christ is Χριστός (Christos) and English speakers appear to have been using “X” to abbreviate Christ for quite some time. However, whether or not this is actually the case has been under debate for quite some time.


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I always wondered what this meant... thanks


Please do not use X to replace Christ in Christmas. I find it really offensive. Not sure if the abbreviation comes from people being lazy, inexpensive or for whatever reason. My opion is X must not replace Christ in Christmas. Patisqua

What should I expect at a Greek wedding and baptism combined ceremony?

I'm going to a wedding this year where the couple will also be baptizing their child. What happens at these ceremonies? How does it all work? What should I expect as a guest. Ive never heard of this being done before, thanks!

Share your Greek tongue twisters!

I love this one, does anyone know any more?

Φίλος έδωσε σε φίλο τριαντάφυλλο με φύλλο. Φίλε, φύλαγε το φύλλο, μην το δώσεις σε άλλο φίλο.

Which translates to: A friend gave to a friend a rose with a lief. Friend, keep the leaf, don’t give it to another friend. Its super hard to say in Greek

I love when Greek women dance zeibekiko!!

Zeibekiko is traditionally danced by men, but many women over the years have started dancing this beautiful dance. I love seeing everyone join in. Its my favorite dance because it is filled with passion and emotion.

What is your favorite Greek tradition? Mine is name day celebrations!

I love name days! They're like birthdays but even better, and my favorite part is that people are able to share them with their family members who have the same names. Every year, on a specific day, most Greek people with Greek names will have a "name day" that is the day of the saint who corresponds with their name. Expect a bunch of family members to show up to your house with gifts!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!🦃🍂

Happy Thanksgiving to the Worldwide Greeks community! What's everyone eating today, post your pics!
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