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Lycabettus hill is one of the best spots to hang out in Greece hands down! The view is phenomenal and absolutely breathtaking, I highly recommend that you take the cable car and go to the top to see the entire city of Athens. There is a small church and restaurant/cafe at the top where you can pay your respects and relax and have a cool drink. Have you ever been? Do you have any recommendations on going? Cheers!

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Absolutely agree! When in Athens, I stay at accommodation 5mins walk from Lycabettus. My partner and I start our day by climbing up the hill in the morning for our daily exercise. It's more rewarding walking up as you get better views along the way than with the cable car. There is also another interesting church on the way up called Saint Isidores which is a rock cave church. Also while walking you may come across the wildlife such as the tortoises that populate the area.


There are some stunning views at this spot. I imagine sunrise or sunset would be lovely here!


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Lykavitos is a must visit if you're a tourist in Athens.

Researching the Temple of Poseidon

I am going to visit Greece soon to take some photos and enjoy the country in general (I am a photographer). One of the stops I plan to make is to the Temple of Poseidon and I was told to go at sunset. What do you guys think of that advice?

Anyway, ahead of the trip, I thought I would research the place a bit.... Does anyone have anything to add?

Places to Be: What’s Hot in Athens Now!

Spending Greek Easter in Athens?

I am not sure I have enough time to plan this for 2023, but I might if I start taking action. I am contemplating spending Greek Easter in Athens or the surrounding area. I have heard stories of people doing so, and I am curious about it. I want to go either this year or next. What do Greeks do typically for Easter? Is it possible to go to a monastery, or something? I know Easter is just in a few weeks... What do you guys think?

A six-hour visual meditation event in the Athens Concert Hall.

Share and discuss your Athens photos, questions and experiences!

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