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Love learning about holidays like this, cheers!



This is a great video - Oxi Day is one that we can all be proud to be Greek!
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Greek vocab words that are helpful to know when shopping!

Shopping is one of my favourite activities to do while traveling! Greece has some pretty excellent stores as well. I hope you find these words helpful! These are just some clothing items, I will add more later :)
  • clothes – τα ρούχα – ta rooha
  • coat – το παλτό – to palto
  • jacket – η ζακέτα – i zaketa
  • hat – το καπέλο – to kapelo
  • pants – τα παντελόνια – ta pantelonia
  • shoes – τα παπούτσια – to papoutsia
  • socks – οι κάλτσες – i kaltses
  • shirt – το πουκάμισο – to lookamiso
  • purse – το πορτοφόλι – to portofoli

Karavaki: The Greek Christmas Boat of Hope !

Hope is a word we all love and live with.....In Buddhism it is complimented with "Faith"♥️♥️

This is the meaning of the abbreviation "xmas"

Many think that the “X” in xmas actually doesn’t replace “Christ” in “Christmas”, but is actually an abbreviation. The Greek word for Christ is Χριστός (Christos) and English speakers appear to have been using “X” to abbreviate Christ for quite some time. However, whether or not this is actually the case has been under debate for quite some time.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!🦃🍂

Happy Thanksgiving to the Worldwide Greeks community! What's everyone eating today, post your pics!

Share your Greek tongue twisters!

I love this one, does anyone know any more?

Φίλος έδωσε σε φίλο τριαντάφυλλο με φύλλο. Φίλε, φύλαγε το φύλλο, μην το δώσεις σε άλλο φίλο.

Which translates to: A friend gave to a friend a rose with a lief. Friend, keep the leaf, don’t give it to another friend. Its super hard to say in Greek
Share and discuss Greek traditions related to Greek weddings, christenings, dance & holidays!

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