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hey everyone, my friends and I would really love to visit the white beach. one of my coworkers said it was the best beach was ever been to. But there's no bathrooms or food… any advice on what to bring? I am used to beaches in Miami that are pretty much full service.
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This is a GREAT question! I would say bring the following items (no particular order):

- Extra clothes
- Sunscreen
- Towels
- Water
- Snacks, Food and Cocktails (if that is your thing LOL)
- Speaker for music (again must for me!)

Hope this helps and have fun in Greece!


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It's definitely a challenge, as a Greek I'm very used to secluded beaches or places with no bathrooms or cafés. What I usually do is bring a cooler with some food, some water and a few first aid items. Because the beach is only accessible by water taxi you won't have very many options in case something bad happens or someone gets injured or sick.
That's such good advice, mom and me would be panicking to go to such a secluded island but it's definitely worth it if you can prepare for the worst. Definitely don't expect people to have first aid stuff around you, or for there to be a lifeguard. Bring any medications that you may need and definitely take some food, some extra clothes. Bring only as many valuables that are necessary, or make sure you have someone watching your valuables while the others are in the water. There's many tourists, and you really can't trust everyone.

You must visit the hot springs in Santorini

The Hot Springs in Santorini are one of the best natural springs that you can go to in Greece. They are heated by the islands volcano that is underneath the ocean, causing the springs to be extremely warm and offer a very relaxing experience. There are two small islands near Santorini in which you can be able to access the Hot Springs. You will need to take a boat to Nea Kameni or Palea Kameni. You will notice that the water is slightly yellow, but this is because it has a higher amount of sulphur than regular seawater, so no need to be alarmed. I hope you enjoy the Hot Springs!

The best foods to try while in Santorini

Santorini is a great place for foodies and those seeking to have the best gastronomic and culinary experiences in Greece. Santorini has very unique dishes that you won't find in other areas of Greece and the Cyclades. Some of my favorites are fava, domatokeftedes, kopania, and chloritiri cheese. You may not find all of these at every single restaurant, but it's definitely worth seeking them out while you're here.

What are your recommendations for Santorini?

I'm going to be going to Santorini for a couple of days after a small trip to Athens this summer. I've never been before and I really don't know where to start. I'm going to be travelling alone and looking to see the size and pretty much anything that Santorini has to offer. I'm not too picky when it comes to hotels and restaurants, so any advice that you have from your first hand experiences would be great. Also, if there are any extremely touristy areas that I need to avoid during certain times, please let me know.

Has anyone taken a cruise to Santorini?

I've always considered whether it's a good idea to take a cruise around the islands, or just visit them myself. Has anyone taken a cruise around Santorini and the neighbouring islands? I don't know the pros and cons and whether it's a good value. I'm looking for someone with personal experience who can share a bit about their trip. If you have any specific companies that would also be great. Thank you in advance.
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