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Now that I am getting older, I realize how important my Greek heritage is. So, I've made it my mission to learn more about it. One of the things I want to do is get better at Greek. And sure, I know I can use language programs - but it seems to me that learning it while in the country might be a little easier. I know that a 2 or 3 week trip won't make me fluent, but I bet it can give me a really good head start. Do you guys have any tips for how I can immerse myself in the Greek language while I am in the country?


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Use Greek only menus, try to read the Greek words before the English words when looking at signs, speak Greek whenever you can, go to only Greek speaking areas (these will be outside of touristy areas).

If you really focus on not using English then you'll be surprised how much you can learn in 2-3 weeks. People say that it's easiest to learn a language before 4 years old, but I disagree.


Actually being there and seeking out people who only speak Greek, will help you immensely. During a conversation, you will be forced to dredge up ANY words that you know in order to get your point across. “Sign” language helps, as well as a good mutual laugh when the going gets tough. I once had no word in the spur of the moment for “refrigerator” when presented with an elegant and quite perishable gift, so I said that we had «κρύο στο δωμάτιο» (cold in the room) which was well understood, but mutually VERY funny at the time! I have poured through books and language apps. In the past I’ve brought “cheat sheets” for phrases that I know that I’ll have to use (ie. dining, hotels etc.) but the things I remember best are when I am speaking with a non-English speaker. As mentioned before, you might find such people in non-tourist areas, the villages, or even in the cities, connected with family-run operations in which not every family member speaks English. I really applaud you for wanting to preserve your very special heritage. Your effort will definitely be noticed and appreciated. Καλή τύχη!


This is all some great advice! I am kind of in a similar situation where I am brushing up on my Greek now. I learned it when I was a kid, but my skills never really evolved. I am going to try some of the things mentioned in this thread, as well!

Greek Table Etiquette?

I haven't really thought of this, but there is a lot of etiquette for dining in the Greek culture. What do you guys think? It looks like there is a lot to think about:

In particular, the section on doing toasts was fascinating. I noticed that just about at every meal, someone is doing a toast. Do you guys have anything to add?

How do you choose a name day?

I am wondering how you guys all choose a name day to celebrate. For example, I have a friend named John, and there are multiple saints that have that name. He said he chose the saint that resonated the most with him. I have another friend, also named John, who celebrated a different one because that is the one that the parents had selected. How do you know what the right choice is?

Things to Know When Visiting Greece?

I found this article very helpful... I am going soon and this isn't my first time, but I still fond this helpful:

Do you have anything to add t this list? #3 - find your latest alike - really caught my eye. I am a photographer so this is a work/play type of trip and I bet I can get some great slice of life shots there.

Upcoming Greek Holidays to Think About

I am really trying to reconnect with my Greek heritage and one thing I realized - my family has gotten away from some of the Greek traditions surrounding major holidays. My family used to celebrate a lot, but many of those who have kept traditions alive have passed away. Is there anything between now and Christmas? What Christmas traditions should I prepare to do this year? I found this link - what do you guys think?

Learning about Greek Orthodoxy - resources?

I am on an active process to learn more about Greek Orthodoxy - it has been my project for the past year. I am having a hard time tracking down resources. Does anyone have an y books to recommend?

I have read so far:

Thinking Orthodox - Eugenia Constantinou

Orthodox Study Bible

Welcome to the Orthodox Church - Frederica Matthews Green

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