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Now normally I would ignore such negative and inflammatory readings.... but I thought it appropriate to post this here! Zante has the most spectacular beaches!... Just read what has actually been going on there for years...
"The notorious 18-30s holiday packages to the area are immensely popular among those who want to soak up the Greek sun while letting their hair down."
Back in 1970 Club 18-30 was apart of our parent company Horizon Holidays in London,a jewel in the crown for sophisticated,well to do, mostly young professionals just going abroad to destinations like Tunisia,Morocco, Corfu &Turkey! Never would any such adverse publicity be published...I frequently travelled to Athens to our clubotel in Voula... Just unbelievable young people having a good time with etiquette and proper behaviour, respecting the culture..…Over the years it has changed its brand imaging together with the likes of Kon Tiki Holidays!I am glad Zante comes under the spotlight so less notorious tourism goes there..... They have party destinations like Mallorca (parts of and Ibiza).

Visiting More Obscure Places in Greece

I just saw a post for a place n Greece I have never heard of - Aitoliko. This is fascinating because when I think of visiting Greece, I think of the main places - Thessaloniki, Athens, Santorini, Mykonos, Crete, Rhodes, etc... I would love to start visiting some of these smaller places! Does anyone have recommendations? Something top of mind that I should prioritize?

Favorite islands in the Cyclades?

What are your favorite islands to visit in the Cyclades? I have been to Santorini and Mykonos many times, but I want to branch out and was thinking of visiting Tinos next time I am in Greece. Has anyone ever been to Tinos, Naxos, Antiparos, or any of the others and have any advice for me? I will be in Santorini for a little bit but then I would want to take a ferry to somewhere else.

Hearing Great Things About Milos

I have never been to Milos, but lately I have been hearing so many great things I am thinking I want to visit.

I have been to most of the major destinations in Greece like Athens, Crete, Santorini, etc. I want to explore some of the off the beaten track places!

Milos fans - do you have any stories, advice, or tips?

Breaks 12-month Short-term Rentals Record.

Yes that's all well and good....the downside to this as is all over the European destinations that there aren't any rentals available for locals,the rents are extortionate,the areas once neighbourly don't exist anymore!.....And with it arrives inferior quality travellers!

Visiting Monemvasia from Kythira?

Is it easy to visit the likes of Monemvasia from Kythira? I will be starting my journey in Athens. From there, I will head to Kythira on a ferry from Piraeus. After spending some time on that island, I want to go to Monemvasia. Does this itinerary make any sense or should I make some adjustments? Like, should I go to Monemvasia and maybe explore more of the Peloponnese before heading to Kythira instead of vice versa?
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