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I love gyros but I noticed something - sometimes the version I get in Greece is much different than where it is here at home. I don't know if that is intentional or not...

I tend to love the gyros that have the shaved meat from the spit thing that you see in gyro shops in Greece, and I do enjoy it with Greek fries inside (which I do get in Greece a lot - but when at the gyro shop they always give me a choice).

Anyway, I am wondering... what is the actual, traditional way to make a gyro?


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Gyros* is the singular form for the food, and gyroi (pronounced gyree) is the plural.. What you have in the USA (if you're from the USA) is americanized and a fusion of schwarma. The brown gyros meat that we have here is not served on a gyros in Greece, and we don't serve fries in the gyros.

I'm Athens you get chicken or pork. If you get pork then it comes with tzatziki. If you get chicken then it comes with "sauce". Up north (thessaloniki) they offer the same but they also have another option available. Fries are also always served in the gyros
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Greek clay pot cooking tips

I have been reading about some traditional recipes that involve clay pots. I noticed that this is fairly common throughout Greece, but it isn't common necessarily with the Greek diaspora in places like United States, Canada, and Australia. What happened when the people moved to those places? Did they adapt the recipes or keeping using these methods and I just don't realize it? My family must have adapted because no one uses clay pots anymore.

I am trying to figure out how to get started with this cooking method while not in Greece. I am honestly not even sure where to start.

Type of Rice for Rice Pudding?

I make rice pudding all the time. Usually, I use leftover steamed rice from when I made rice for dinner.

I noticed in a cookbook somewhere that Greeks tend to use short grain rice like Arborio for their rice pudding when they make it from scratch.

Does it make a huge difference? What kind of rice do you like to use?

Good grill seasoning for lamb?

I love the flavor of grilled lamb. I make grilled lamb two ways - either as a souvlaki or I will grill an actual leg. In the case of souvlaki, I marinate the cut up meat overnight in a ladolemono (oil, lemon, oregano, garlic usually).

I don't marinate the leg overnight, but I do brush it with ladolemono before grilling, and also during grilling.

Ay other ideas? I want to try something different but an option that is still Greek. Maybe just adding an herb or something? I open to suggestions.

What do Greeks eat for breakfast?

Do Greeks take breakfast seriously? I heard from some friends that many Greeks do eat brunch, but that seems more like a once in a while thing. What do Greeks eat for breakfast on a regular basis? I have observed all kinds of things, from nothing to maybe a tiro pita or something bought on the street, washed down with a Greek coffee. Also, I have seen people eat fruit and nothing else for breakfast.

Special way to make a Greek omelet?

I love omelets. I know that they serve them in Greece sometimes. What is considered to be a traditional Greek omelet exactly? I had one in Greece when I visited people, and it seemed like they had a mixture of things in it, some of which I believe was foraged.

I personally love greens, cheese (like feta), and olives in mine. Is this considered traditional?

I would love to hear how you love your omelets!
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