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I am planning a wedding and reception in Greece... I want to have some traditional Greek elements as part of the experience. I was thinking about the food - what kind of food is common to eat at a Greek wedding?

I've heard stories but it seems like there is a wide variety. Someone told me I needed to roast a whole lamb or goat. Not sure that makes sense but I am intrigued... What do you guys think? Are there other traditional dishes or desserts?


Before I can answer I think I need to know more about your ceremony and reception. Will it be in a village? At an Orthodox Church? Will there be a reception at a restaurant or function hall or will it be in the village?

Briam Greek Roasted Vegetables Recipe from Cooking Greek Cookbook

One of my favorites elements of Greek cooking is the wealth of hearty vegetable dishes, and this Briam recipe is an absolute classic. It is filled with flavor, and you can either serve this as a side dish or a meal when served with feta cheese and bread. The Cooking Greek cookbook has a great version of it and has a classic combination of ingredients, like eggplant, zucchini, and potatoes. It's an easy dish to put together and I like to make a big pan of it and eat it over the course of a few days.

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Favorite Greek winter desserts or cookies?

I love to bake in the winter and now with Christmas coming up, the urge is even stronger. I do plan to make melamakarona and baklava but I want to try one other thing. Maybe something like a spice cookie? I recently had something that was like a kouoloraki but it had a different texture and used a lot of spices. Does anyone know what that is? It's spiced with clove, cinnamon, maybe something else too.

Melamakarona Recipe from Cooking Greek Cookbook

Can You Think of Any Greek Dishes with Mushrooms?

So, I am still learning my way around Greek cuisine. I love mushrooms and I have yet to find any Greek dishes that include mushrooms. I know that they are found in Greece and you can buy mushrooms in the markets. I saw a segment on TV (I don't remember where) about a mushroom farmer in Greece, and I know people regularly forage for mushrooms in the wild.

What do people in Greece usually do with these mushrooms? I can't really find much online. Do people substitute it for meat? Cook it with meat? Put them in salads?

Moussaka Recipe from Cooking Greek Cookbook

One of my favorite Greek dishes is Moussaka, but I don't make it at home a lot. One of the issues is that I haven't found a great recipe, and I know that working with eggplant can be tricky. In the past, people have tried to explain to me how to make it, but their explanations have been confusing. I need a proper recipe that is easy to understand. It looks like Chef Pemi put together a great version of it that even someone like me, who has been intimidated by making my own moussaka, can follow. Not only that, but it looks yummy!

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