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How long to spend in Meteora?

I will be in Greece, staying mostly in the Athens area. There are some offshoot trips I want to do, and one of them is Meteora.

Is this truly doable in a day trip from Athens, or is it a good idea to spend a night or two in the area? I want to make sure I don't have loftier expectations than what is possible for seeing it...

Heatwave Cleon returning in full force to Greece after Wednesday !

UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Greece

I am interested in making a list of places to visit in Greece so that I can plan my next visit. I thought I would make a list of UNESCO World Heritage sites - I have been interested in these places in other countries, so I thought I would start here:

- Corfu Old Town
- Acropolis in Athens
- Meteora
- Delos
- Archaeological Site at Mycenae
- Delphi
- Epidaurus Archaeological Site

I know I missed a bunch, but it is a start. Anything to add?

Good Spas in Greece

Is it common to find spas while in Greece? I have bumped into some information about them, but I don't hear a lot about people who visit them.

I will likely be in Greece for a while - several weeks - and I am thinking I might need a down day or two.

I will be visiting Athens, Aegina, and Santorini on this trip.
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